A GOP Governor just ordered the National Guard to do the unthinkable

brian kemp

This country is in a desperate time. And desperate times call for desperate actions.

Now a GOP Governor just ordered the National Guard to do the unthinkable.

This nation is being brought to the brink of destruction thanks to Joe Biden and his ilk.

Just take a look at the southern border.

Millions illegal immigrants are storming across the border, including tens of thousands of Chinese and Russians.

And what’s Biden doing? Absolutely nothing.

That’s why Republicans are having to take matters into their own hands.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp stated on Tuesday that he was sending more National Guard troops to Texas, as illegal crossings at the southern border remain at record numbers.

Kemp stated that he would deploy an additional 15-20 Georgia National Guard men to assist Texas with logistical and mechanical chores.

His declaration comes as Customs and Border Protection said on Tuesday that they had 176,205 interactions at the southern border in January, setting a new monthly record.

“After record-breaking numbers of illegal crossings at the border and seizures of dangerous drugs, weapons, and violent criminals. No one complains there’s not a crisis at our Southern Border. And thanks to the failures of the White House. Now every state in the country is a border state,” Kemp said.

Kemp previously visited to Texas to support Governor Greg Abbott during his standoff with President Joe Biden over Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, which was formerly a hotspot for illegal crossings.

“The crisis on the border is a national problem, and it demands a national solution, but if the Biden administration continues to fail the American people, then we have no choice, no choice but to step in,” Kemp added.

While total January interactions were lower than the staggering 301,983 in December, they were still approximately 20,000 higher than the previous January record and roughly 100,000 higher than Biden’s first January in office.

“As a result of seasonal trends, as well as enhanced enforcement efforts by the men and women of CBP and our international partners, southwest border encounters between ports of entry dropped by 50% in January. We continue to experience serious challenges along our border which surpass the capacity of the immigration system,” CBP official Troy Miller said.

Miller also reported that CBP apprehended 34% more fentanyl and 68% more cocaine at the border than in December.

The encounter data were released immediately before the House voted to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas 214-213 for his handling of the border.

“Joe Biden could end the Biden border crisis right now. He has all the authority he needs to reserve his disastrous Far Left open border policies, which have turned every community into a border community and destroyed countless American families — but he refuses,” the House GOP conference said in a statement.

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