America’s Top General sent Joe Biden a completely unexpected order

Joe Biden

The military is in shambles under the “direction” of President Biden. U.S. military officials have said enough is enough.

Because America’s Top U.S. military General sent Joe Biden a shocking order.

As every June rolls around each year, the so-called “Pride Month” shenanigans simply grow and grow.

It’s even started to bleed into the military and the executive branch of the federal government as a whole.

U.S. embassies around the world are flying rainbow pride flags alongside the American flag in support of “Pride Month” at the direction of the Joe Biden administration.

The Biden administration has come under attack for what many view as a “woke” approach to the U.S. military that has brought radical Leftist ideologies to America’s military institutions.

In fact, Joe Biden’s Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin recently canceled a “drag show” at an Air Force base in Nevada that was supposed to happen on June 1st.

“Consistent with Secretary Austin’s congressional testimony, the Air Force will not host drag events at its installations or facilities,” an official from the Air Force said.

“Commanders have been directed to either cancel or relocate these events to an off-base location.”

A spokeswoman for the Department of Defense said that “hosting these types of events in federally funded facilities is not a suitable use of DOD resources.”

America’s top U.S. military General has now weighed in, saying that Austin’s decision from the Pentagon was the correct one.

Mark Milley gave Austin his support saying that the decision to cancel drag shows on military bases with military resources is “the absolute right thing to do.”

The Department of Defense has maintained that federal funds have never been used for pride month displays and events, though that sounds a little hard to believe.

With what funds are these military institutions using to put on drag shows and other such demonstrations during June?

Overall though, it is a welcome surprise to find Lloyd Austin and Mark Milley being willing to contradict the wishes of the radical Left and the Joe Biden administration on this issue, even if it’s just a little bit of pushback.

America’s military cannot sustain being a testing ground for the Left’s “social justice” games for much longer.

Whoever becomes the next President after Joe Biden in either 2024 or 2028, or somewhere in-between, needs to go back to the common-sense policies that focus on defense readiness and not being an “LGBT ally.”

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