Biden assaulted these reporters in one sickening way

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Joe Biden’s relationship with the media is deteriorating fast. But no one thought it would come to this.

And Biden assaulted these reporters in one sickening way.

Democrats aren’t used to being held accountable for their lies and corruption.

When media outlets decide that enough is enough and play hardball, the Left loses its mind.

But instead of answering the tough questions, Biden is banning reporters from the White House.

And the ban extends to way more reporters than you’d ever expect.

The White House recently revised the standards for obtaining a hard press pass, resulting in the loss of over 440 hard press permits. In comparison to when CNN’s Jim Acosta lost his pass in 2018, many in corporate news have remained mute on the issue.

The regulation change took effect in May, and emails were addressed to White House press corps members. Parts of the email were tweeted at the time by Today News Africa reporter Simon Ateba, who is the Chief White House Correspondent.

All “press hard passes [would] expire on July 31,” according to the emails, and journalists must “request renewal of [their] current hard pass.”

The “hard pass” provides extended access to the White House press corps without the need to apply for a day permit.

The number of reporters granted access to the White House has decreased by 31% in the last three months, following the July 31 deadline. There are currently 442 fewer journalists with hard pass access.

Many big news organizations have remained mute since the rule changes and reduced access to the White House press room, in contrast to when former President Donald Trump prohibited Jim Acosta from attending the White House press room. The corporate media freaked out the last time this happened.

CNN, despite filing a lawsuit the previous time Acosta’s permit was canceled, has not issued a statement urging journalists to keep their privileges in light of the new guidelines.

The last time NPR covered anything related to White House hard passes was when CNN sued the Trump administration for suspending Jim Acosta’s hard pass.

When Acosta’s pass was reinstated, the New York Times rejoiced.

However, it recently published a scathing piece about Simon Ateba, who has similar concerns about pass revocation.

The New York Times has not remarked on the number of journalists who have lost their press credentials.

According to the new guidelines, journalists who acquire a hard pass must be full-time employees of a news organization, live in the DC area, and regularly access and cover the White House.

The White House is also allowing itself more freedom in dismissing journalists who do not “act in a professional manner.”

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