Biden may be forced to forfeit this key primary state

Joe Biden

Joe Biden is gearing up for Democratic presidential primaries. But a wrench got thrown in his plans.

Because Biden may be forced to forfeit this key primary state.

Joe Biden just announced this week that he intends to run for re-election.

He had been stringing Americans along in the face of plummeting approval ratings.

But now he may be forced to give up after being sent this dire warning.

President Joe Biden may be forced to forego the first Democratic primary in New Hampshire next year after the state voted to maintain its old primary order despite the Democratic Party’s rearranging.

The Democratic National Committee reduced New Hampshire’s coveted first-place finish in the primaries to a tie for second place with Nevada. It also eliminated Iowa from the first round of primaries. In 2020, Biden finished fifth in New Hampshire and fourth in Iowa.

South Carolina, where Biden finished first, has been promoted to first place.

“We still intend to have a presidential primary that will be first in the nation,” New Hampshire Secretary of State David Scanlan told NBC News.

“Whether the president campaigns here or not is up to him. It’s up to him whether he’s going to place his name on the ballot or not. If he chooses not to place his name on the ballot, I’m sure there will be some New Hampshire Democratic voters who will write his name in.”

A state statute dating back to the 1970s compels New Hampshire to go first in the presidential primaries by one week.

If Biden skips New Hampshire, one of his competitors, author Marianne Williamson or anti-vaccine activist Robert Kennedy Jr., who have both been campaigning in the state recently, may win.

It also opens the door for other Democratic 2024 candidates, including high-profile Democrats, to enter the campaign in the future.

At the president’s request, the Democratic National Committee approved the new election calendar in February.

Candidates are prohibited from campaigning or putting their names on ballots in states that do not comply with the new decree. However, both Williamson and Kennedy have stated that they would accept the DNC’s nonspecific punishment.

The results of Iowa and New Hampshire are expected to be ignored by the Biden administration and have no negative impact on Biden’s total delegate tally.

“Then they can say, ‘Well, of course, we didn’t win New Hampshire. We didn’t expect him to, and no one expected him to; we didn’t even compete,’” an unnamed New Hampshire Democrat with experience in the state’s primary said.

On Tuesday, New Hampshire’s largest union expressed its opposition to Biden, arguing that “New Hampshire voters deserve a competitive Democratic Primary.”

The Democratic primary has yet to be scheduled, however, the Republican primary is set for February 13, 2024. The presidential election will take place on November 5, 2024.

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