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donald trump

Donald Trump went scorched-earth in this fiery speech

Manhattan's prosecution of Donald Trump has set a fire under the former president. He's not going down without a fight. And Donald Trump went scorched-earth...
Howard Schultz

U.S. Senator gets utterly ROASTED and smacked with major reality check

Senate hearings too often become political theater. Senators are just looking for their two minutes of fame. But you have to see this U.S. Senator...
alvin bragg

This video will derail the Democrats’ corrupt schemes to convict Trump

The Democrats have been exposed. And they never could've seen it coming. Because this video will derail the Democrats' corrupt schemes to convict Trump. A ton...
bill barr

Bill Barr stuns everyone with unbelievable statement about Trump

All eyes are on the Trump indictment showdown today. The future of the country is hanging in the balance. And Bill Barr stunned absolutely everyone...
donald trump

Donald Trump just got shocking news from the DOJ that changes everything

Former President Trump is set to give himself up for arrest in New York today. Nothing could've prepared him for this. And Donald Trump just...
joe biden

This Biden admin catastrophic failure has nerve-racking consequences

Americans are now in danger because of what the Biden admin just did. There's no fixing it either. And this Biden admin catastrophic failure has...
Marlene Terry

Top Democrat goes on racist rant against this black Republican

The Democrat Party pretends to be the party of tolerance and understanding. Nothing could be farther from the truth. And a top Democrat goes on...
elon musk

Widespread censorship of conservatives has all hell breaking loose

The Left and their pals in Big Tech are doing everything to silence conservative voices. After today, they seem unstoppable. Because widespread censorship of conservatives...
george soros

What George Soros just did to Donald Trump is shameless

The shadowy Leftist cabal Soros has funded for decades is making its move. Trump's indictment is just one of a long line of disgusting...
jamaal bowman

Black Democrat goes PSYCHO on fellow colleagues: VIDEO

Politics has a way of getting people angry. But sometimes it goes way too far. And this Black Democrat just went PSYCHO on his fellow...


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