Dan Bongino calls Democrats one word that set the internet on fire

Dan Bongino

Former Secret Service agent, now radio host Dan Bongino will always speak his mind. He doesn’t care who doesn’t like it.

And Dan Bongino called Democrats one word that completely set the internet ablaze.

For many Americans, watching Democrats and the radical Left use the Nashville, Tennessee tragedy as a political ploy has been sickening.

Three kids and three adults fell victim to a gross hate crime attack on Christians, and yet all that Democrats want to talk about is how we need to protect “transgenders” and take away law-abiding citizens’ guns.

These Democrats are just looking for a way to use this tragedy to get in the headlines. It’s textbook political grandstanding.

They don’t actually care about doing anything to protect our children, that’s quite clear.

Some have been rightly pointing out that the school that was attacked, Covenant School, was chosen as a target because it had overall weak security.

Fox News host Sean Hannity pointed this out on his show with guest Dan Bongino on.

“The one thing they’re not going to talk about is that the original target was a school that had far better security. And the shooter, in this case, went to the school where there was not as much security,” Sean Hannity noted.

He went on to say that he thinks that there should be more robust security personnel in schools just like there are at any other secured institution like airports and banks.

“I’ve been saying for years that I want retired military, retired cops, metal detectors in every school in the country, and surround the perimeter, and you can keep every school safe in this country – if you do that,” Hannity added.

He then asked Bongino why no one ever wants to talk about these practical solutions?

“Why can’t we ever talk about that idea?” Hannity questioned.

Bongino held nothing back and said it was because there’s many Democrats who are “lunatics” and “sociopaths.”

“Because we’re dealing with a large percentage of the Democrat Party full of lunatics and, in some cases, sociopaths,” Bongino replied.

Bongino also said that Democrats “know d*mn well” that if a school has a security officer that carries a firearm, it will be a deterrent for anyone looking to cause harm at that school.

He said that Democrats just don’t care, though.

“The thing is, Sean, they just don’t care,” Bongino ranted.

He also added that criminals don’t care about the laws on the books, otherwise they wouldn’t be committing horrific, violent felonies in the first place.

Bongino noted that when he was in the Secret Service, he carried his firearms in areas with strict gun laws to protect former President Barack Obama.

“Criminals don’t give a damn about your gun laws. That’s why, when the Secret Service took Obama to Chicago when I was there – they had strict gun laws, Sean – why didn’t we leave our guns at home? There was no threat, right? Well, of course, there was a threat, even though they had strict gun laws.”

He ended with a fact that no one can deny and it’s the fact that criminals won’t care about gun laws.

“Because why? Because criminals don’t give a damn about gun laws. Period.”

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