Donald Trump just solved a major puzzle for Joe Biden with one reality check

Donald Trump

Joe Biden and the Democrats have a real problem on their hands. But Trump just solved it.

Because Trump hit Joe Biden with a reality check that solved a major puzzle for him.

Watch how quickly the Left begins to discuss how we need to ignore the Second Amendment following almost any school shooting.

The real question, according to former president Donald Trump, is how soon we can get weapons into schools and into the hands of qualified teachers in order to defend our kids.

After speaking on April 14 in Indianapolis to the National Rifle Association’s annual convention, Trump spoke with Breitbart about his plans to halt school shootings if elected, including granting “teachers that are very good with firearms” the ability to carry on campus.

In his actual speech, Trump referred to school shootings as “a spiritual problem.”

Democrats in Washington, he said, “continue to hold common sense school safety measures hostage to their radical gun control agenda.”

Trump highlighted that it is a mental health issue and suggested that simply 5% of teachers be given guns to help solve the problem.

“More than anything else, it’s mental health, and a lot of it is caused by drugs, the drugs are flowing in,” Donald Trump remarked.

In his address, he promised to develop a brand-new tax credit that would pay any teacher’s concealed carry firearm purchase in full.

He added that if teachers were to “qualify at a very high level, I would let them take arms in with them. They also have the added asset of loving the students. They love the students.”

“You let everyone know that a lot of teachers are going to have guns. Some people say 15 percent, but I would say 5 percent is enough.”

Various school districts have begun to use this strategy in the wake of the tragedy in Nashville.

The River Valley Local School District in central Ohio made the announcement last week that it will join the other 21 school districts in the Buckeye State that permit instructors to carry on campus for reasons of safety.

Should Donald Trump get back in the White House, he’s going to incentivize safeguarding children with this plan.

That differs greatly from the anti-gun policies that Democrats and the mainstream media support in the wake of any mass tragedy.

It’s an idea that other Republican candidates should start promoting whenever the Left suggests removing firearms from everyone save those with malicious intent.

Where Joe Biden and the Democrats will continue to be bewildered by the violence that goes on in our nation, Donald Trump is giving real answers to the problems at hand.

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