FBI Whistleblower shares scary inside look at Biden’s DOJ and FBI

stephen friend

The DOJ and FBI have lost nearly all trust of Americans. But this is the nail in the coffin.

Because this FBI Whistleblower shared a scary inside look at Biden’s DOJ and FBI.

30 former FBI agents spoke out in support of Stephen Friend, a suspended agent who exposed the bureau’s political maneuvering, in September of last year. Among them were the head of counterterrorism, a retired deputy assistant director, and five members of the SWAT team.

Friend has now written his account to demonstrate the FBI’s bias against Conservatives.

According to the former FBI agent, what he observed within the organization during the investigations that began on January 6 was “disturbing,” and he added that he had “lived a few years over the last few months.”

“I never sought this path for myself. I had my dream job,” Friend remarked.

“The decision I made was tied to the oath that I took. I took the oath to protect the constitution. I truly believe that raising the flag is consistent with my oath of office.”

Friend, however, claimed that the reality of working with the FBI was very different.

Stephen Friend would later uncover “efforts by the FBI and the Department of Justice to manipulate statistics” as well as being deceitful about threats of “domestic terrorism”.

The book adds that Friend “cooking the books” to prop up an idea that the Joe Biden administration wanted to propagate that we were dealing with Trump supporters who were “violent extremists.”

He apparently saw outrageous tactics being used to target conservative Americans and realized that the FBI was using its investigation as a kind of retribution.

The 12-year FBI veteran was placed on paid administrative leave after Friend voiced his public displeasure with the way the organization handled the incident on January 6.

In a harsh letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray last year, Senators Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) and Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) demanded that they step in and stop Friend’s suspension on the grounds that the FBI was retaliating against a protected whistleblower.

But Friend’s suspension that was indefinite was never removed.

The FBI and Department of Justice sent a statement to the Washington Examiner in response to Friend’s frank biography.

The statement is largely a nothing-burger that doesn’t even address any of the real criticisms and allegations being lobbed at the FBI.

Stephen Friend’s truth bombs are certainly a bad look for Joe Biden and his Democrat lackeys in his administration.

There’s solid proof that the Biden administration is using the weight of the federal government against their political enemies way more than any Presidential administration ever has.

And the FBI and the DOJ are the means by which the Biden administration accomplishes that.

House Republicans are on Joe Biden’s tail over this issue, though. And it could end up biting Joe Biden in the end.

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