Here’s how Hunter Biden’s crimes are connected to Joe Biden

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Hunter Biden’s criminal behavior is well documented at this point. But his father President Joe Biden is denying being involved.

But here’s how Hunter Biden’s crimes are connected to his father Joe.

One reason Washington is referred to as the “swamp” is because of scandals like you’re about to read about.

It seems that there is always a network of connections beneath the surface of each significant problem in the capital city that is hidden from the general public but has a way of bringing even the grimiest elements together.

And that link always appears to return to the fetid track record of the notorious son Hunter when it comes to President Joe Biden.

It turns out that Jeff Zients, the new president’s chief of staff and the former Biden COVID response coordinator, met with Hunter at least three times back in 2016, when Joe Biden was still the vice president, according to a Fox News story. This discovery should come as no surprise.

The study, which uses Hunter Biden’s laptop as a gold mine of information, makes no mention of what happened in the meetings but does hint that a lot of money and power were on the table.

And it appears that Joe Biden attended at least two of the events, which took place at the Vice President’s mansion, the U.S. Naval Observatory.

According to Fox, the Bidens, Zients, and David Rubinstein, the creator of the enormous investment firm The Carlyle Group, attended the initial meeting on February 12, 2016.

The Bidens, current White House advisor Steve Richetti, and David G. Bradley, chairman of Atlantic Media and publisher of the liberal magazine The Atlantic, were all present at the second, which took place less than two weeks later on February 23.

Hunter Biden, Zients, and Bradley, according to Fox, met with Eric Lander on May 24. Lander is a biomedical researcher and significant investor who served as the Biden White House’s top science adviser until he was fired in February of last year following allegations that he “bullied and demeaned subordinates.”

Richard Klausner, who the San Francisco Business Journal lauded in a 2021 feature as “the elder statesman” of biotech, was also there at that meeting, according to Fox.

It is safe to conclude that Klausner operates in high-profile environments given that he once held the position of director of global health for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Additionally, according to Fox, Hunter was invited to a fourth Zients-related meeting at the Naval Observatory, though it was unclear if he showed up.

Fox claims that Bradley, Lander, and Zients were all board members of the Biden Cancer Initiative. This family non-profit was established in 2017 with the stated goal of fostering “partnerships” to advance cancer research; however, according to a November 2020 New York Post article, it appears to have primarily funded extravagant administrative salaries.

So, the Biden White House is operated like a great, corrupt club.

Zients was in control of just one of the devastating facets of White House authority as Biden’s COVID response coordinator.

He is back now to serve as Biden’s principal gatekeeper and an enforcer of White House directives.

Furthermore, as a close friend of Hunter Biden. That ought to give every American comfort.

It’s only made more complicated by the fact that he served as the Office of Management and Budget’s acting director during the Obama administration and was a board member of the unstable, currently suspended cancer foundation founded by the Bidens.

What happened in those meetings is not documented in the public domain. It’s safe to assume, though, given the cast of characters, beginning with the disgusting Hunter Biden, that they weren’t totally committed to the welfare of the United States of America.

However, they serve as a clear illustration of why Washington, a city famed for its connections to wealth and power, is frequently referred to as “the swamp.”

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