Jim Jordan slapped Merrick Garland with a subpoena with major consequences

Jim Jordan

House Republican Jim Jordan is not playing around. He’s holding the Biden admin to account.

Because Jim Jordan just slapped Merrick Garland with a subpoena with serious consequences.

Under the direction of Attorney General Merrick Garland, the FBI is deeply corrupt.

Agents on the front lines of the FBI are coming forward as whistleblowers as a result of the weaponization of the agency and the leadership’s overtly political judgments.

Numerous FBI whistleblowers have contacted the offices of Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) to report serious misconduct in an out-of-control agency.

The FBI’s top brass is punishing whistleblowers in an effort to contain the growing problems.

As a condition of employment, FBI agents who disclose information to Congressional Republicans risk having their security clearances withdrawn.

The FBI leadership has given these agents permanent suspensions as punishment for speaking up.

The FBI is attempting to fire conservative staffers and intimidate anyone else who might consider speaking up and coming forward.

Jim Jordan has been investigating this retribution against FBI whistleblowers in order to learn more.

However, the Bureau is blocking him.

Jordan claims that the decision to suspend security clearances was approved by Jennifer Leigh Moore, the FBI’s Executive Assistant Director of Human Resources, who also allegedly retaliated against at least one agent.

The agent she reportedly took revenge on revealed how the FBI was labeling parents who spoke up in front of school boards as domestic terrorists.

When the House Judiciary Committee and its Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government looked into the FBI, she refused to help.

Jordan served Jennifer Leigh Moore with a subpoena to appear before Congress and speak under oath.

According to a spokesperson for Chairman Jordan, Russell Dye, “Today, Chairman Jordan issued a subpoena to Jennifer Leigh Moore, Executive Assistant Director of Human Resources at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, after she refused to answer questions about the FBI’s retaliation against brave whistleblowers who have come forward to raise concerns about abuses they have seen at the Bureau during her transcribed interview.”

Jordan had pressed Moore for an interview several times.

Moore eventually agreed to an interview but declined to assist with the inquiry, according to Jordan’s spokeswoman.

Moore does not want Jordan to uncover the truth about the FBI’s purging of conservatives.

The FBI provided Moore with cover by arguing that she was unable to respond to particular inquiries because it was necessary to safeguard the confidentiality of the participating agents.

To preserve the integrity of the procedure and the privacy of the individuals, the FBI said in a statement that the woman “did not discuss the details of specific individuals whose cases are still under review.”

Agents who are revealing the pervasive misbehavior in the out-of-control FBI are being targeted by the FBI in political reprisal, which the FBI is attempting to cover up.