Joe Biden was blindsided after receiving a surprising betrayal from this leading Democrat

Rashida Tlaib

Biden needs all hands on deck if he’s to win reelection in 2024. He can’t afford to lose any support from members on the Left.

And Joe Biden was blindsided after receiving a surprising betrayal from this leading Democrat.

President Biden’s reelection campaign will not be as smooth sailing as the Left would have hoped.

Former President Donald Trump will likely be the Republican nominee for president, and is performing well in recent polls showing a head-to-head matchup between him and Biden.

That means that Biden needs the full support of as many Democrats as possible so that he can defeat Trump for a second time.

But one Leftist congresswoman is not sure she can offer that support for the president.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) has said that she has a “number of issues” with Biden, especially over his support of Israel during it’s conflict with Hamas.

“The struggle that I have with the president is a number of issues,” Tlaib told the Wall Street Journal, adding that Middle Eastern individuals in the country “feel invisible to the government.”

“And that’s something I need to have a conversation with [President Biden] about.”

Tlaib, a Palestinian American, has been censured in the U.S. House for her statements on the Israel-Hamas war.

The censure came about after she was accused of “promoting false narratives” about Hamas’ attack on Israel on October 7 and for allegedly calling for the “destruction of the state of Israel,” according to congressmembers.

Tlaib argues that her views on Hamas and Israel are actually closer to what the Democratic conference believes than Biden’s views on the matter.

“Being a member of the Democratic Party, are we able to really grab our base of people, our working-class communities that need to feel like we have their back?” Tlaib said.

“In Michigan, [Biden] was already fragile. But after Oct. 7, it seems to have gotten worse.”

Michigan has a large Muslim and Arab population, which Tlaib warns could turn their back on Biden in 2024, leading to him losing an important state in the presidential election.

Tlaib is just one example of how the infighting within the Democrat party of the support of Israel could lead to devastating losses in the 2024 elections.

Not only could Democrats lose crucial seats in the House and Senate, but they could also lose the presidential election, therefore putting Trump back into office.

The Left used to accuse the Right of antisemitism all of the time.

But now it looks like they’re having their own problem with antisemitism like Tlaib promoting false narratives about Israel after they were brutally attacked by Hamas terrorists several months ago.

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