Joe Manchin smacks President Biden with catastrophic news that he may never recover from

Joe Manchin

Manchin and Biden’s relationship is on the rocks. There’s probably be no chance of repairing it now.

That’s because Joe Manchin smacked President Biden with catastrophic news that he may never recover from.

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) has been rumored as a potential presidential candidate for months now.

Manchin announced that he would not seek reelection for his Senate seat, and instead would look to help the country in other ways.

While the West Virginia senator is no conservative, he hasn’t been shy about his criticisms of President Joe Biden.

And during a recent appearance on Fox News’ Fox and Friends, Manchin hinted that he may make a decision about his presidential candidacy after Super Tuesday on March 5 if it looks like former President Donald Trump and Biden will win their respective party’s nomination.

When the hosts of Fox and Friends asked if he would consider a presidential run with the third-party organization No Labels, Manchin emphasized how it is important for them to get on the ballot first.

“The clear challenge is right now for No Labels – and this is a great organization who have a venue where Democrats and Republicans can sit down and work out differences,” Sen. Manchin responded.

“That started way back in 2010 when I first came to the Senate, and it was the only venue where you could do that. Their goal right now is to create options.”

“If it is needed, there will be an option, and their option would be they need to get on 34 ballots to be serious about attracting anybody that might be interested in this third-party move.”

The senator also added that in no way would he be running as a spoiler, but instead would be running to win the Oval Office.

“Well, I’m not gonna be a spoiler. If there’s a pathway forward, I’ve always been involved and competitive. If I’m gonna get involved, I would definitely want to win, and I’m gonna fight to win.”

“I will not go in there trying to harm or help somebody else. I want to make sure that we create a different option, bringing people together. Any way I can work to bring Americans together is what I’m gonna be doing,” Manchin said.

He also called out criticisms from the Democrat Party towards No Labels, asking why they are scared of “hearing a different voice.”

“Why are you afraid of competition? Why are you afraid of options? Why are you afraid of people hearing a different voice? This is not right, this is not wrong,” Manchin explained.

“I don’t have all the answers, but I can work with you and figure out how we can secure our greatest problems.”

While Sen. Manchin is still only leaving hints about a potential run, Americans can’t help but think he’ll eventually pull the trigger on a campaign announcement shortly.

And that’s because of his latest actions, such as making a trip to New Hampshire during the primary season.

But if Manchin were to put his hat in the ring, then that would be the worst case scenario for President Joe Biden who can’t afford to lose any votes to a third-party candidate like the West Virginia senator.

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