Leading Democrat betrays their party with shocking support of Donald Trump


Almost every single member of the Left despises the former president. But this politician seems to have turned a corner.

And a leading Democrat betrays their party with shocking support of Donald Trump.

Last Tuesday the country was stunned after the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that former President Trump would not be allowed on the state’s presidential ballot.

The justices used the 14th Amendment to justify their ruling, claiming that Trump involved himself in an insurrection with his actions on January 6, 2021.

Predictably, Republicans were angered by the ruling, while Democrats were in favor of it.

The White House did not offer a comment on it, but President Joe Biden told reporters that it’s “self-evident” that Trump participated in an insurrection. He also added that, “whether the 14th Amendment applies, I’ll let the court make that decision.”

Congressman and long-shot Democratic presidential candidate Dean Phillips (MN) sang a bit of a different tune than his party.

“Do I believe Trump is guilty of inspiring an insurrection and doing nothing to stop it? I was there. Absolutely,” Dean posted on X.

“Do I believe it’s wrong to ban him from the ballot in Colorado without a conviction? Absolutely.”

“Do I believe the SCOTUS must opine immediately? Absolutely.”

Phillips joins other Trump critics in his rejection of the Court’s decision, including Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie, and former Michigan Republican Rep. Peter Meijer.

Meijer who is now running for Senate, voted to have Trump impeached, joining 9 other Republicans in the process.

The former Rep. said that the Colorado ruling was “perhaps the most extra-constitutional act by a high court in my lifetime.”

Perhaps Dean Phillips is hoping his comments will sway more moderate Democrat voters his way as he prepares for the New Hampshire Democrat primary.

Biden did not file for the primary, leading Phillips to believe that he has a shot at carrying the state.

The Minnesota Rep. also thinks that Biden’s age is a big reason as to why he should pass the baton over to a younger candidate like Phillips.

Phillips argues that if he performs well in New Hampshire, it wouldn’t be too late for Biden to drop out of the 2024 race.

But while he may gain support from moderate voters or even independents with his post denouncing the Colorado Supreme Court ruling, it will likely lose him support among the radical-Leftists who want to do everything they can to stop Trump from running for president.

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