Merrick Garland was caught forcing FBI agents to do this heinous act

merrick garland

Attorney General Garland has been getting grilled for his handling of the DOJ. But his abuse of power has gone farther than anyone could’ve guessed.

Because Merrick Garland was caught forcing FBI agents to do this heinous act.

It’s hard to keep track of every scandal that has come out of the Biden White House.

Every day seems to bring a new horror for the American people to behold.

But one that shouldn’t be forgotten is how the DOJ used government agents to raid Donald Trump’s home – an obvious politically motivated move.

Now we’re learning the FBI voiced concerns about the raid but were overruled by DOJ prosecutors.

According to a new report, FBI personnel protested against invading former President Donald Trump’s property, but DOJ prosecutors pushed the aggressive tactic and finally won the battle.

The FBI faced a barrage of criticism after the unusual raid in August. Many Conservatives interpreted the raid as further proof that the Justice Department has become politicized and that the FBI has been weaponized against Republicans, particularly Trump.

According to The Washington Post, the FBI’s reaction was quite predictable. Two senior FBI officers in charge of leading the raid advocated against it because of the probable reaction.

They also questioned the need for such an extreme measure, preferring to continue working with Trump and his legal team to secure secret information housed at Mar-a-Lago.

After its handling of Hillary Clinton’s email inquiry in 2016 and the investigations into Trump’s potential ties to Russia, which led to ex-special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, the FBI was likewise wary to seem too heavy-handed in politically charged cases.

Prosecutors at the Department of Justice disagreed. They contended that Trump should not be treated differently, and that the sensitive documents at Mar-a-Lago posed an immediate security concern. According to the prosecutors, action must be done immediately to secure the secret material before it is relocated.

A week before the August 8 raid, multiple DOJ officials and prosecutors met with FBI officials, including Steven D’Antuono, then-director of the FBI’s Washington Field Office.

D’Antuono, who eventually conducted the raid on Mar-a-Lago, disputed prosecutors’ claims that the search was required. He also questioned the search warrant’s scope and whether Trump was the focus of a criminal investigation.

According to the Post, Jay Bratt, the DOJ’s counterintelligence chief, and numerous others advocated in favor of the raid.

The prosecutors won the debate, convincing the FBI’s senior brass to support the intended raid and Attorney General Merrick Garland to approve it.

The next day, Deputy FBI Director Paul Abbate directed D’Antuono to lead the raid on Trump’s home.

The agency was promptly criticized, and it intensified once sensitive documents were discovered in Biden’s hands last month.

Remember, Biden’s “cooperation” was the reason they gave to give him a slap on the wrist and investigate himself.

Meanwhile, Trump cooperates but “national security” supposedly justifies a raid of his home.

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