MSNBC delivers heart-stopping news about Donald Trump

donald trump

Politics can be a nasty business. But no one thought it would come to this.

And MSNBC delivers heart-stopping news about Donald Trump

The thought of another four years of President Donald Trump has the Left in a panic.

They’re desperately trying to convince voters that Trump winning a second term would be disastrous for not only the United States, but for the world.

One way they’re doing this is through Left-leaning media outlets such as MSNBC.

Early this week, Hayes Brown, an opinion writer and editor for MSNBC, posted on the news outlet’s website an article claiming that the apocalypse would occur if Trump wins next year’s election.

Brown argued that the former president and his team’s plan to address climate change would bring about the end of the world.

“Only a massive shift away from fossil fuels and a reduction in the amount of carbon dioxide pumped into the air can avert the oncoming disaster,” Brown wrote.

“But former President Donald Trump and his advisers have other ideas, all of which would only bring about a climate change-fueled apocalypse even faster.”

This is yet another case of the Left exaggerating their claims as to how damaging a Trump presidency would be.

They also claim that democracy as we know it will be fully destroyed if Donald Trump were to win in 2024.

Brown goes on to explain that Biden’s so-called climate accomplishments through the Inflation Reduction Act would be blown apart by a Trump administration as well.

“Trump would also seek to roll back any environmental regulations that the Biden administration has issued and have Congress cut off the climate spending in last year’s Inflation Reduction Act,” Brown continued.

The Inflation Reduction Act has done little to nothing to solve the crisis of soaring inflation.

In fact, it’s main purpose is to use taxpayer funds to support massive climate initiatives.

Even Democrats like Senator Joe Manchin (WV) believe the bill was poorly named.

President Biden has also failed to get Americans on board with purchasing more electric vehicles.

This is largely due to how expensive electric cars are, especially for middle-class families who are trying to stay afloat in Biden’s poor economy.

Brown’s prediction of a “climate change-fueled apocalypse” under a Trump presidency has a very low chance at happening despite his clamoring.

And instead, Donald Trump’s policies will bring back common-sense action to climate change that doesn’t involve the erasure of fossil fuels or using taxpayer dollars to fund pointless climate bills that don’t actually solve the problem.

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