MSNBC host collapses after making this unhinged statement about a leading Republican

Joe Scarborough msnbc

The Leftist news station can’t help themselves. Their media personalities are always quick to push a radical Leftist agenda.

And this MSNBC host collapsed after making this unhinged statement about a leading Republican.

A recent report from the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) revealed that President Joe Biden struggles with his mental fitness behind closed doors.

Former Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was one of the sources in which the WSJ quoted in their report.

He detailed how President Biden seemed to lack any sort of sharpness during their meetings together.

McCarthy also suggested that Biden has lost several steps as far as his mental fitness since becoming commander-in-chief.

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough disagreed with McCarthy’s statements and bashed the former speaker in a post on X.

“I have spent a good bit of time talking to Kevin McCarthy through the years and hours with Biden in 2024. There is no comparison. Biden is far sharper, more intellectually curious, and far more insightful on global affairs than any House GOP speaker I have met over 30 years,” Scarborough’s post read.

Scarborough was smacked with criticism for his post, with some pointing out that special counsel Robert Hur’s report, which claims that the president has a poor memory, contradicts the MSNBC host’s statements on Biden’s mental acuity.

“The entire justification for him not being charged with federal crimes was that he’s too old and forgetful. Sounds like he’s good to be indicted,” one X user stated in response to Scarborough.

“They keep telling us how sharp he is and Biden keeps letting them down because we all have eyes and ears,” Fox News contributor Stephen L. Miller said.

“Keep in mind, Joe Biden is the worst foreign policy mind in American history. His career is a 50-year-long string of failures. That Joe Scarborough finds him ‘insightful on global affairs’ says a lot about him,” Bonchie of RedState posted on X.

Anyone with any ounce of intelligence can tell that Biden is simply not with it these days.

He’s constantly making gaffes during speeches and oftentimes can’t put two sentences together.

But Leftists like Joe Scarborough want to try and gaslight Americans into thinking Joe Biden is extremely sharp mentally when that just isn’t the case.

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