New Hunter Biden texts show just how disgusting of a man he is

Joe and Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden has been involved in scandal after scandal. But none of that is as crazy as these newest revelations.

And these new Hunter Biden texts show just how disgusting of a man he truly is.

Texts recently discovered illustrate how Hunter Biden cut off money and relations with the mother of his child, adding to the mounting negative press surrounding Hunter Biden and his father.

According to their text messages, Lunden Alexis Roberts, Biden’s pregnant girlfriend at the time, accuses Hunter of abruptly ceasing talking to her in 2018. Then, after the birth of his child, he refused to receive any kind of newborn photo or financial assistance.

“In hopes that you even read this – Baby was born Aug 28. Beautiful & Healthy,” Roberts said to Hunter in a text on Oct. 16, 2018. “If you ever become curious and want to know more I can send pictures, details, or whatever you may request.”

She went on to say, “I know that’s a long shot and you’d much rather avoid the whole situation,” adding, “but just wanted you to know the door is always open for you in the baby’s life.”

There was no response from Hunter Biden, and things only got worse for Roberts and her kid from there.

During the current court case in Arkansas, which was initiated after Biden tried to cut off Roberts again after she had to take him to court to finally get some support from him for their child, texts and other information about Biden’s lack of support and interactions with his own child have been revealed.

Now four years old, Navy Joan Roberts has been legally established as Biden’s child thanks to DNA testing but has been disowned by Biden since birth.

Biden and his lawyers have been using every legal loophole they can find to avoid taking responsibility for the child.

His “paintings” have fetched hundreds of thousands of dollars, yet he claims he is too impoverished to pay child support. In addition, he was spotted traveling to court on a private plane.

The judge in Biden’s lawsuit has finally had it with the presidential son’s obstructionism and is treating him as an adversary.

But the legal matter is secondary at best. The treatment of Biden’s little daughter is repugnant and disqualifies him as a man. What kind of father would be so heartless as to abandon his own daughter?

Biden has lied about everything, including his connection to Roberts. He said he didn’t remember her since he was a drug addict with a revolving door of lovers in 2017 when they first met. But the texts reveal that they were in constant touch during the first several months of her pregnancy. They did discuss the pregnancy with each other.

So that Roberts could enroll in a health insurance plan during her pregnancy, Biden hired her on the payroll of one of his shell companies, Owasco P.C.

Roberts then informed Biden via text that she was returning to Arkansas from Washington, DC. By that time, though, Biden had cut off contact with her. He stopped paying her wages and otherwise supported her no longer.

In light of the fact that Joe Biden has likewise failed to acknowledge his own grandchild, this whole family is a sad excuse of what it means to be a respected American model for others. Hunter’s stupid and harsh attitude of his daughter and their grandchild has been encouraged by both Joe and Jill, Hunter’s parents.

President Biden should be ashamed that his son acts the way he does. And Americans should be ashamed that Joe is even in the White House at all.

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