Ron DeSantis just got handed a life-changing court ruling

Ron DeSantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has his eyes set on the White House. But he’s got Florida business standing in the way.

Because Ron DeSantis just got handed a life-changing court ruling.

Back in August of 2022, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced that he would be suspending the Hillsborough County State Attorney Andrew Warren, who is backed by the Leftist billionaire George Soros, for failing to uphold the law.

The Florida Governor hit him with the suspension after the Democrat Attorney said he would not be enforcing the state prohibitions on gender changes for minors in the state and restrictions on abortion.

These laws were duly passed in the state of Florida and the Democrat attorney outright said he would be ignoring the law as much as he could.

Immediately after that announcement, the entire radical Left tried to paint Ron DeSantis as a fascist for trying to kick Andrew Warren for his job for not bending the knee to DeSantis’ will for the state.

But the simple truth is that Warren was outright admitting to disobeying the law.

Fast-forward to today, and Andrew Warren’s fate has been resting in the hands of the Florida Supreme Court to determine whether he would be reinstated.

Well, the Florida Supreme Court has finally come to a decision on Andrew Warren’s fate and whether he can be reinstated as the Hillsborough County State Attorney despite admitting to refusing to enforce the law.

The Florida Supreme Court ruled 6-1 in Ron DeSantis’ favor to keep Andrew Warren suspended for as long as the DeSantis administration sees fit.

In fact, the Florida Supreme Court didn’t even take up the case at all saying that the time for their review “has passed.”

The Court Justices seemed annoyed that Warren tried to bring his case before the Supreme Court after months of failing to be reinstated by other methods.

“Almost one month after the federal district court issued its merits order — extraneous comments and all — and more than six months after his suspension, petitioner (Warren) finally knocked on this (Supreme) Court’s door and requested our ‘expeditious review,’” the majority opinion reads.

Warren tried to defend himself after the court ruling to reject the case saying that the court just wanted to “avoid” ruling on the case “on the merits.”

“Rather than addressing the substance of the governor’s illegal action, the court cited a technicality and avoided a ruling on the merits of the case. We are extremely disappointed by today’s decision,” Warren said in response to the court loss.

If the case was heard by the Florida Supreme Court, Warren likely wasn’t in a position to get anywhere close to a win.

The simple truth is that the Florida constitution has given the sitting governor the authority to remove elected officials if they are in violation of the law.

It’s quite simple really. Warren said he wouldn’t uphold the law that has been duly passed by the Florida State legislature, so Ron DeSantis had to do his job and remove the Democrat attorney from his post.

Also, Warren’s claims that his saying that he wouldn’t be enforcing the law is protected by the First Amendment is downright dumb.

You can’t go into a theater and yell “Fire!” without expecting consequences from the authorities when 911 arrives. Similarly, Warren can’t expect to not face consequences for failing to do his job and gloating about it.

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