Scary military report uncovers Biden’s secret takeover

Joe Biden

Joe Biden is working behind the scenes in the shadows. The results are something straight out of Orwell’s 1984.

And this scary military report uncovers Biden’s secret takeover.

The United States Military has plenty of different jobs and duties, but they all fall under one idea.

The armed forces are to serve and protect the United States, its citizens, and defend the Constitution.

Anything that goes beyond that is either outside the scope of its duties at best or downright wrong at worst.

To no one’s surprise, Biden’s military leadership is treating soldiers less like defenders of freedom and more like mindless drones to be molded.

Now they’re going after anyone who blows the whistle on Biden and his lackey’s misdeeds.

According to private emails and text messages obtained exclusively by Breitbart News, an Army three-star general, and a West Point associate professor used government resources in an unofficial investigation to track down and punish an anonymous active-duty whistleblower who criticized Army leaders and the Biden administration on social media.

Lt. Gen. Maria Gervais, Deputy Commander of the Army Training and Doctrine Command, and Army Maj. Jessica Dawson, who is also a “information warfare research scientist” at the Army Cyber Institute, used their official authority and access to government resources to track down the whistleblower and have him publicly identified and punished by his chain of command.

Despite the lack of evidence, they accused the whistleblower of being a “counterintelligence” and “insider threat” in an apparent attempt to elicit action from the Army Criminal Investigative Division (CID), an independent federal law enforcement agency with broad powers designed to investigate serious felonies.

A CID investigation, according to Pat Wier, a civilian defense attorney, and Navy reserve, would involve the presumption or designation of a severe threat, and Gervais and Dawson’s trumping up of accusations for exercising free speech rights is “wrongful.”

“His alleged actions did not rise to the level of a serious crime or any crime at all,” he asserted.

Rather, it appeared to be an attempt by renegade military personnel to utilize government tools to punish political dissent.

Gervais and Dawson conducted their shadow investigation for nearly a year, soliciting the assistance of a horde of internet allies comprised of progressive current and former members of the military who differed politically with the whistleblower.

Their efforts resulted in the doxxing — or public “outing” — of the suspected whistleblower’s name and the filing of an inspector general complaint against him by an Army two-star general’s former aide, a weaponization of the IG system in retaliation for critical social media statements.

This allegation triggered an investigation of the whistleblower by his chain of command.

Army Chief Warrant Officer 2 Samuel Shoemate, the alleged whistleblower, was found to have violated Army Regulation 600-20 by “posting derogatory and disrespectful images/memes on multiple social accounts… towards different Senior Officials and Military Leaders.”

It also found Shoemate to be in violation of Uniform Code of Military Justice Articles 88 (Contempt for Senior Officials), 89 (Disrespect for Superior Commissioned Officers), 133 (Conduct Unbecoming of an Officer and Gentleman), and DOD Instruction 5400.17 Official Use of Social Media for Public Affairs Purposes.

Shoemate was recommended for “appropriate adverse administrative action and/or appropriate UCMJ action” by the investigating officer. He was eventually issued a General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand, which is essentially a letter of reprimand. He will leave the Army on Tuesday, August 1, 2023.

Shoemate, who plans to begin publicly speaking about his ordeal, told Breitbart News in a statement:

The DOD publicly boasts about its adherence to the law with numerous checks and balances in place to prevent unlawful conduct, but the shadow policy it actually operates under allows senior officers and officials to act with impunity as seen here. A lieutenant general colluding with various other senior officials to conduct their own unofficial investigation, with the use of government resources, is emblematic of larger, systemic abuses observed within the DOD in recent years.

Despite Dawson’s repeated claims that Shoemate was a “counterintelligence” or “insider threat,” he had an impeccable military record. According to his 2019 Officer Evaluation Report (OER), he “lived and reinforced Army Values on a daily basis.” It went on to say:

[Shoemate’s] conduct within the unit was always above reproach, and he fostered an environment that empowered Soldiers, free from sexual harassment or discrimination of any kind. His desire to develop a robust and cohesive team was evidence in the respectful way he approach every interaction and conversation with each member of the team.

Yet another witch hunt the Biden administration is peddling to cover its tracks.

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