Sean Hannity reveals Republicans’ latest plan to get Trump back in power

donald trump

Donald Trump has been eyeing a return to Washington, D.C. And now he might get it.

Because Sean Hannity reveals Republicans’ latest plan to get Trump back in power.

Tuesday of this week caused quite the uproar on Capitol Hill.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) was ousted as speaker in a 216-210 vote.

Along with Democrat congress members, Eight Republicans voted in favor of removing McCarthy.

Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and known rival of Kevin McCarthy, brought forth the motion for him to vacate the speaker’s chair.

McCarthy has told the press that he will not run again for the position.

Now comes the process of finding a new House Speaker.

In an episode of Fox News’s Hannity, host Sean Hannity revealed what some Republicans are planning to scheme up in their quest to find a suitable replacement for McCarthy.

“Now, sources telling me at this hour some House Republicans have been in contact with and has started an effort to draft former President Donald Trump to be the next speaker,” Hannity said.

“And I have been told that President Trump might be open to helping the Republican Party, at least in the short term, if necessary, if it is needed.”

Sean Hannity also spoke with U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) on the possibility of Trump being speaker of the House, to which Jordan replied, “I don’t know, he’d be great, but I…I actually want Donald Trump to be the next president of the United States. If he wants to be speaker, great.”

Hannity was quick to assure Jordan that Trump would indeed continue his campaign for the presidency and the speaker role would be more of an interim position.

Congressman Greg Steube (R-FL) posted on X his urge to nominate Donald Trump for speakership, saying “@realDonaldTrump for Speaker.”

Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) echoed the sentiment, saying in a statement that one of the first actions the House will take, “will be to nominate Donald J. Trump for Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.”

Speaker Donald Trump would surely set the Left’s hair on fire.

It would also likely boost Trump up in the polls even further, by adding “House Speaker” to his already illustrious resume.

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