This absurd claim about the GOP has The View in hot water

Sara Haines

The ABC talk show is known for it’s idiocy. But now they’ve taken it to another level.

And this absurd claim about the GOP has The View in hot water.

The events in Israel last weekend were an atrocity.

The Palestinian terror group Hamas, launched a brutal attack on Israelis, leaving hundreds dead.

While both sides of the political aisle condemned the attacks from Hamas, there was still some incredibly distasteful statements made from the Left.

ABC’s The View, was certainly guilty of that.

Several days after the tragedy, Sara Haines, a co-host on The View, claimed that “infighting” within the Republican party was the reason Hamas felt compelled to attack Israel.

Haines explained that America looked “weak” to the rest of the world because of the turmoil the GOP was facing.

“The world is seemingly blowing up right now. And the U.S. looks weak on the world stage,” Haines said.

“Because we can’t even name a speaker of the House. And last week it was kind of amusing, when we talked about it here, you know, you have the McCarthy’s out…Jim Jordan’s your next best option and everything was kind of funny,” she continued.

“And perspective slaps you in the face. And on Saturday after that terrorist attack, I kind of looked at it and thought, ‘This division invites enemies in.’ And right now we’re seeing a massive spread of disinformation online as a result of this.”

In a statement thats shocking to no one, the Left, specifically a Leftist media program, has decided that the world’s problems are the fault of Republicans.

Did they ever pause to think about how Joe Biden’s awful foreign policy, specifically with funneling cash to Iran, may have helped propel these attacks from Hamas?

Probably not.

Instead, the hosts of The View are too busy wondering why their lives are being ruined by the evil GOP.

“And so this morning we were all teasing about maybe watching less news…I would encourage House Republicans to watch more news for perspective,” Sara Haines concluded.

Republicans are certainly watching the news and they’re perfectly aware that any sort of infighting over the new Speaker of the House isn’t the cause of a brutal terrorist organization like Hamas, wreaking unspeakable atrocities on Israel.

Perhaps if the ladies of The View took more responsibility for things in their life, they wouldn’t feel inclined to always blame Republicans for anything and everything.

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