This governor’s office was stormed by protesters and all hell is breaking loose

Ron DeSantis

It’s getting dangerous to be a Republican. The radical mob will stop at nothing if you stand against their agenda.

And this governor’s office was stormed by protesters and all hell is breaking loose.

Democrats are condoning and calling for more violence with every passing year.

The Black Lives Matter riots were Americans’ first foray into accepting political violence as par for the course.

Since then, conservative politicians and media personalities have been hurled death threats and sometimes even assaulted, like U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz.

Now they’re trying to shut down one Republican’s entire office.

Protesters swarmed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office at the state Capitol on Wednesday after the Republican legislature enacted sweeping education reforms that Democrats have slammed as racist and transphobic.

As the demonstrators occupied DeSantis’ office, police made at least a dozen arrests.

DeSantis was not in the Capitol at the time, but workers were amused behind a walled desk.

Dozens of demonstrators joined arms, sat on the carpet, and refused to leave the location despite police officials’ warnings that they had 20 minutes.

The warning was delivered at 7 p.m., and arrests began around 7:30.

According to the Miami Herald, those arrested risk trespassing charges and a one-year ban from the Capitol grounds.

The first law prohibits students and teachers from being obliged to use pronouns that do not correspond to a person’s biological sex, and the second bill prohibits diversity initiatives in all state colleges.

The measures breezed through the Florida House and Senate on their way to the governor’s desk, where they are anticipated to be signed this week.

Another bill making its way through the legislature would prohibit schools from teaching about gender identity and sexual orientation to students as young as eighth grade.

DeSantis has advocated for similar instruction to be banned in all grades.

It also enables for legal challenges to classroom books that critics claim are improper for children. According to advocates, the goal is to shield minors from sexualized information.

DeSantis first gained national attention for his refusal to comply with COVID standards and his readiness to oppose what conservatives see as “woke” education agendas.

The governor is largely anticipated to run for president in 2024 in the coming weeks.

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