Top Democrat censured for this terrible crime

Rep. Stephanie Stahl Hamilton

The Left is getting more radical with every passing day. But this takes the cake.

And a Top Democrat was censured for this terrible crime.

Democrats like to accuse Republicans of doing the very thing they do every single day.

One of their favorites is to level the accusation of “hate crime” against conservatives who speak up against woke ideology.

Of course, if you target conservative groups, no one will bat an eye.

But one Democrat learned that it doesn’t always work out that way.

The Arizona House censured a Democratic state legislator for concealing Bibles in the House members’ lounge.

According to the Arizona Mirror, Democratic state Rep. Stephanie Stahl Hamilton was caught placing two Bibles beneath the couch cushions in the lounge in April, then hiding another in the refrigerator.

Three Republicans filed a complaint against her for theft and disorderly conduct in connection with the incident. House lawmakers voted 30-28 to reprimand her after a House Ethics investigation recommended it. A previous move to eject her, backed by Republicans, failed 27-31.

Several Christian House members voiced outrage about Hamilton’s behavior during the debate over her censure and expulsion.

“What do we as a body value more: the reputations of Arizona politicians or the reputation of God in the world?” Justin Heap, a Republican state representative, inquired.

He compared the reaction to Hamilton’s actions to a hypothetical scenario in which a House member placed a Quran in a freezer and was charged with a hate crime.

“The only hate crime that we’re fine with is with the only religious text believed in by the majority of members and the majority of Arizonans,” Heap added.

Republican state Rep. Rachel Jones said, “It is just very disturbing and offensive to think that I may have been sitting on the Bible.”

Some Democrats disagreed, arguing that Hamilton should be pardoned in accordance with biblical principles.

“One thing I learned from the Bible is to forgive and to be kind to people,” Democratic state Rep. Mae Peshlakai said. “I still believe in forgiveness.”

Democratic state Rep. Athena Salman criticized the way Hamilton was apprehended, accusing Republicans of conducting a campaign to “harass and bully Stahl Hamilton” by establishing “a spy cam in the members’ lounge.”

Republican state Rep. David Marshall argued Hamilton’s actions were indicative of a larger pattern of hatred for Christianity and the Bible, citing tweets she sent in 2020 in which she stated she was running for office because she was tired of seeing Bibles on politicians’ desks.

“This is not just a protest, this is something that went on for several years, and it was done because of the disdain she has for [the] holy word,” Marshall said.

Hamilton apologized and stated her acts were a protest against the perceived lack of separation of church and state. Her activities were also described as a “simple little prank.”

Aside from being a representative, Hamilton is also a Presbyterian minister.

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