Trump ally makes eyebrow raising statement to the media

donald trump

Donald Trump has made a lot of allies and enemies. Sometimes the lines between the two blur.

Because this former Trump ally made everyone’s eyebrows rise with this statement to the media.

One of Donald Trump’s key achievements during his first term in office was keeping America out of any new wars and working to end pointless wars.

Trump not only worked to the end of the Afghanistan war (finally), but he also avoided new wars that would’ve continued to waste American lives and taxpayer dollars, something the presidents preceding him could not say.

He strengthened international relations with rising powers like China, Russia, North Korea, and more, also something that Obama and Busch couldn’t claim.

Though, when Joe Biden came into power much of that went out the window. America is back to wasting billions of taxpayer dollars on a proxy war in Ukraine against Russia.

Donald Trump’s former National Security advisor, John Bolton, recently went on Newsmax with Eric Bolling to discuss the Ukraine issue.

Many Trump voters were surprised to hear what he said about Ukraine given Donald Trump has been adamant that the Joe Biden administration has been wasteful of taxpayer dollars.

Bolton claimed that the United States is “benefiting” from the proxy war we are waging in Ukraine against Russia, and said that it is serving as a “lesson” for the Chinese Communist Party.

“I think this is a war that is having several very beneficial effects for the United States,” Bolton said to Newsmax.

He claimed that every republic would be “in jeopardy” if Russia got away with their “unprovoked aggression.”

“No. 1: It’s chewing up the Russian army and diminishing its power worldwide. And No. 2: If the Russians were able to get away with unprovoked aggression in Ukraine, every other former republic of the Soviet Union would be in jeopardy,” Bolton added.

He went on to say that the United States defending Ukraine is a lesson for the Chines Communists in that they should cross the United States or the “Western” alliance that’s been established.

“The lesson that the Chinese Communist [Party] would learn in Beijing is that neither the United States nor the Western alliance would stand against aggression against a country in Europe,” he argued.

Bolton would go on to say that he views defending Ukraine as a deterrence for any international power seeking to abuse its power through aggression like Russia is.

Of course, it’s true that military strength is important in order to deter foreign enemies from pulling any stupid stunts.

But the war in Ukraine has been raging for more than a year now. More than that, the military conflicts go back 9 years to 2014.

There’s no indication that Russia is deterred in the slightest to stop their war against Russia any time soon.

Donald Trump is one of the only major political figures in America today calling for a peaceful, outright end to the war in Ukraine that Russia started and continues to wage.

Bolton seems to be agreeing more with the Democrats and the Joe Biden administration that this war is “necessary” for America to “win.” That’s a major departure from the foreign policy that Donald Trump has been championing for years that has favor with the American people.

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