U.S. Supreme Court hit with life-threatening attack

Supreme Court

The radical Left is ramping up its war on the Supreme Court. But it’s reached an unfathomable level.

Because a U.S. Supreme Court Justice was just hit with this life-threatening attack.

There’s a reason why the entire radical Left — the Fake News Media, the Democrats in Congress — were fighting Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court bench tooth and nail, even if it wasn’t a morally right or ethical reason.

They fought Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination the way they did because they knew that his addition to the bench was the start of a new era for the U.S. Supreme Court that would bring back conservative jurisprudence to the Highest Court in the land.

The radical Left were willing to do anything, including character assassination of an innocent man like Brett Kavanaugh, to try and get their way politically.

When they lost, they knew the immediate fight was over. Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing just poured salt on their open wound as well as Amy Coney Barrett was nominated and more easily confirmed because the Left knew they couldn’t just conjure up yet another fantastical story in an attempt to assassinate her character as well. Not with her confirmation being just two years removed from the Kavanaugh fight.

Since then, the Left has been trying desperately to find a way to change the results of three Justices being duly confirmed during Donald Trump’s first term in office.

Democrats in Congress have called for Supreme Court packing to drown out the opinions of the newest conservative members of the Supreme Court bench. They’ve called for Justice Clarence Thomas to be impeached based on phony ethics violation charges. Some top Democrats have even started to call the institution of the Supreme Court illegitimate because they aren’t getting their way with every major opinion.

But the true ugliness of the extremists on the Left lies with the way they are quite literally trying to intimidate and threaten the Justices into submission.

These threats aren’t coming from nobodies who are just wasting their breath. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has even threatened the Supreme Court because he disagrees with their opinions.

Many of these threats are generally targeting all of the conservative members of the High Court, but the latest credible threat is targeting specifically the life of Justice Samuel Alito.

A hit piece was published recently on Alito that accused the Justice of ethical violations and intentionally failing to recuse himself on a case that loosely involved someone he had met a few times in his life.

It set the world of the Left ablaze and they all started foaming at the mouth again, calling for him to be impeached. But one top Leftist influencer took their attacks way too far.

A Mr. Elie Mystal, who is an attorney and considered a major influence on modern Leftist politics, took to Twitter to make a disgusting threat saying that he wants to drown Justice Samuel Alito.

Mystal said that when “some rich white person” wants to hang out with Alito, they should “take him to see the Titanic.”

This is in reference to the submarine that was making its way to the Titanic but has since gone missing, with the poor individuals aboard likely dead.

Mystal is quite literally saying he wants Alito to be killed.

One crazy person going on Twitter and making disgusting comments is one thing, but Mystal’s tweet has been “liked” over 20,000 times. The comments are filled with extremists who agree with him.

You never see these types of attacks on liberal Justices coming from the conservative base, do you? Yeah, that’s because God-fearing conservative Americans are the only ones with decency in politics anymore.

The Left does not care about crossing the line. They will weaponize whatever they can to get their way politically, even if that means threatening the lives of Supreme Court Justices.

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