The 2024 election has turned into chaos after top Republican decides to step down

Ronna McDaniel

The presidential election is less than a year away. But things are already taking a dramatic turn.

And the 2024 election has turned into chaos after top Republican decides to step down.

The Republican National Committee’s (RNC) chief of staff Mike Reed, has announced that he will be stepping down from his post.

Reed told RNC employees via email on Tuesday that, “I write today to let you know that this month will be my last at the RNC.”

He also added that during his time with the RNC, he spent it “working almost exclusively on Republicans campaigns, including four years working right alongside President Trump’s White House and campaign team.”

Reed said that there were multiple reasons stemming from his personal life as to why he’s leaving the RNC to go and work in the private sector. One of those reasons includes a “growing family.”

Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman for the RNC, told the Washington Examiner that, “In the chaotic world of D.C. and the RNC, Mike Reed has been a calm and steady hand as our chief of staff.”

“I will miss having Mike guide me and our staff, but I am so happy and excited for his next adventure and that he will be able to spend more time with his wife Alice and their beautiful children.”

McDaniel was told by Reed about his intentions to leave his position about a year ago.

But both of them decided that it would be best for him to stay put until they had their winter meeting.

The RNC and it’s leadership has faced heavy criticism the past several years for the GOP’s poor performance in crucial elections.

Reed however did not mention that criticism as a reason for him stepping down.

“I know the timing of this news comes as many rumors in the press swirl,” Reed said in his email.

“I assure you, the RUNC is in an incredibly strong position.”

“Chairman McDaniel has had great conversations with President Trump over the last few days and weeks. She will continue to lead this organization to merge seamlessly should he be the nominee.”

The now-former RNC chief of staff also praised members of the committee for how they’ve handled a “turbulent” non-election year.

“You have built an incredible operation to benefit Republican candidates up and down the ballot, and you all should be very proud.”

While a source explained that Reed’s departure won’t be a trend for the RNC, it’s hard not to speculate that that is the case.

The committee has had it’s fair share of criticism and even prominent Republicans have publicly asked for a change within the RNC’s leadership.

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