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Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders

New scathing report could be the end of this Republican’s career

Working in politics isn't for the faint of heart. One wrong move and your life is changed forever. And a new scathing report could...
New York City Mayor Eric Adams

Scary scene erupts as a leading Democrat is charged by violent protestors during speech

Politics aren't supposed to be dangerous. But this politician learned that anything can go wrong in a matter of minutes. And a scary scene...
donald trump

Donald Trump threatened with jail time during contentious court case

The former president's legal woes continue. And the Left is trying to make things increasingly difficult for him. As Donald Trump is threatened with...
jake sullivan nato

Top Biden advisor could lose their job after this moronic slip up

Biden's administration is dropping like flies. They are either incompetent or embroiled in scandal. And now a top Biden advisor could lose their job after...
joe biden

Joe Biden was caught on camera doing this despicable thing

Biden's presidency has been a failure thus far. There's no sign of him turning things around. And Joe Biden was caught on camera doing...
clarence thomas

Chaos strikes the U.S. Supreme Court after justice is reported missing

The nation's high court has been the subject of many news headlines over the years. But this was a headline no one wanted to...
joe biden

The White House was hit with alarming news that they may never recover from

The Biden administration is in trouble. Their time in Washington, D.C. has been utterly catastrophic. And the White House was hit with alarming news...
Jill biden

Donald Trump was blindsided after Jill Biden unleashed on him during an enraged rant

Anyone close to President Joe Biden thinks of Trump as an enemy. The first lady definitely has her qualms with the former president. And...
joe manchin

2024 election endorsement from this top Senator could change the entire presidential race

The 2024 presidential election is already full of chaos. But this announcement has brought things to another level. As this 2024 election endorsement from...
Donald Trump

Joe Biden can’t believe the one word Donald Trump used to describe his presidency

Biden and Trump's rivalry is heating up. There's no sign of it cooling down anytime soon. And Joe Biden can't believe this one word...


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