A Democrat U.S. Senator was utterly humiliated with this major defeat

john fetterman

The Left can’t seem to get out of their own way. It’s almost as if they try to sabotage themselves.

And a Democrat U.S. Senator was utterly humiliated with this major defeat.

The economy has been a hot topic ever since President Biden entered the Oval Office.

Under Joe Biden, America has seen soaring gas prices and skyrocketing inflation.

Democrats and the President want you to believe that the economy couldn’t be any better right now.

That includes U.S. Senator John Fetterman (D-PA).

In response to a post on X from New York Times columnist, David Brooks, Fetterman decided to take a shot at those on the Right who think the economy is in poor shape.

Brooks’ original post noted how he spent $78 on a simple burger and fries meal at the Newark Airport in New Jersey, and attributed it to inflation.

What Brooks didn’t mention, was that most of the $78 tab was from drinks he ordered at the bar.

Senator Fetterman responded to the original post, saying, “This hoodie cost me $78. This is why Fox News thinks the economy is terrible.”

The irony of Fetterman’s post is that the hoodie he’s wearing in the picture of his X post, has gone up in price by 20% since Joe Biden was inaugurated into office.

A former GOP Senate aide, Logan Dobson noted this in an X post of his own, saying, “I mean the tweet is ~viral~ but I took 10 seconds to check prices on Carhartt hoodies and it turns out yup they’re up 20% in price since Biden was inaugurated and that kind of inflation is noticed by Americans.”

John Fetterman’s post – or the intern who wrote it for him – was an attempt to brainwash Americans into thinking everything is fine and dandy under President Biden’s economic policies.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

But unsurprisingly, the Senator who dresses in casual athletic wear to his job as a U.S. legislator, is likely unable to decipher the truth.

Plus, he’s too busy falling flat on his face while attempting to cover for his pal, Joe Biden.

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