A DOJ official just smacked Hillary Clinton with a major criminal accusation

hillary clinton

Hillary Clinton was hoping to leave her troubled past behind. But it’s all coming back to bite her.

Because a DOJ official just smacked Hillary Clinton with a huge accusation of federal crimes.

John Yoo, a former deputy assistant attorney general, appeared on “Sunday Night in America with Trey Gowdy” to discuss the two instances concerning secret papers involving the former presidents Trump and Biden.

Both Trump and Biden are under investigation for allegedly handling secret information improperly.

Although there are significant distinctions between the instances of Trump and Biden, Yoo contends that “The rule of law and the Constitution, demands that similar cases be treated in a similar way.”

The FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid last August marked the beginning of the investigation into Trump.

On November 2, 2022, a number of batches of confidential documents were discovered in Biden’s possession at the Penn Biden Center; however, they weren’t made public until January of current year.

“Now, there are some differences. First of all, with Biden, we don’t even know what all the facts are yet. Every time it sounds like his lawyers or the FBI or someone from the White House Counsel’s office takes a look, somewhere Biden has a property, they find more classified documents,” Yoo said.

“So we still don’t even know the full story there. President Trump also kept documents, too. One different thing, is that [it] sounds like so far President Trump has had a lot more. And, of course, President Trump fought more with the government in terms of turning them over.”

Yoo made his remarks amid rumors that the Justice Department had taken six more secret documents from President Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware home following a Friday FBI search.

These records range in date from Vice President Biden’s time as vice president to President Biden’s time in the Senate.

The collection of documents discovered on Friday is the third to be discovered inside Biden’s Wilmington home and the fourth to be discovered since November.

“On the other hand, what we need to know is what was the harm to the national security?

… It might be the case that Trump’s holding the documents is of less of a harm to the national security. They seem to be in a locked basement room with cameras and personnel on them, whereas Biden’s are next to his car, in a locked garage in one place and then in a locked closet in another place, and then in his home in another place…” Yoo added.

Yoo would continue by saying that because Hillary Clinton’s misdeeds “far beyond” those of Joe Biden or Donald Trump, Congress should likewise look into them.

“…Because we should also mention a third person who I think went far beyond either of these cases in their violation of the handling of classified information and the harm to our national security, which was Hillary Clinton, who was running all the classified emails from the State Department… to her through a private unsecured computer server,” Yoo continued to note.

From the 30,000 emails that the State Department was able to physically review, a State Department report summarizing an administrative review of the handling of classified information by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server for official business found 38 individuals at fault and more than 500 security violations.

And yet she didn’t face any consequences for her actions whatsoever.

On top of that, her failures as the Secretary of State led to the perishing of Navy Seals and a U.S. Ambassador.

Even though it was a decade ago now, Clinton’s failures led to a huge international affairs setback that we’re still recovering from in the Middle East.

And then Hillary tried to cover it all up.

The same can’t be said for either Trump or Biden, no matter how negligent either might have been.

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