A Leftist candidate has entered the presidential field and it’s the last person you’d expect

Jill Stein

President Biden has another progressive candidate to ward off in the 2024 election. But this candidate has some experience under their belt.

And a Leftist candidate has entered the presidential field and it’s the last person you’d expect.

The 2024 presidential election is now just a year away.

But that isn’t stopping more candidates from entering a crowded field.

Former Green Party presidential candidate and physician, Jill Stein announced on Thursday that she plans to run again for the Green Party.

In a video posted on X, Stein explained that “People are tired of being thrown under the bus by wealthy elites and their bought politicians.”

She also added that people are “tired of living paycheck to paycheck, struggling to pay the rent, locked in student debt and medical debt, child poverty doubling, rising diseases of despair, growing hopelessness,” while also noting that “the political system is broken.”

“Over 60 percent of us now say the bipartisan establishments failed us, and we need a party that serves the people. I’m Jill Stein, and I’m running for president to offer that choice for the people outside of the failed two-party system.”

Some of the things Stein promises to achieve as president, include abolishing student debt, forming a Green New Deal to “protect Mother Earth,” and former an “Economic Bill of Rights with the right to a job, to health care, to housing, to food, education and more.”

Even though her views are extremely progressive, Stein is very much critical of the Democrat Party.

She believes they have “betrayed their promises for working people, youth, and the climate again and again, while Republicans don’t even make such promises in the first place.”

Stein even used the popular Leftist talking point by stating that both Republicans and Democrats are a “danger to our democracy.”

President Joe Biden and his campaign can’t be too pleased with this announcement.

Stein’s presidential run could take Left-leaning voters away from the President, hurting his chances of beating the likely Republican nominee, Donald Trump.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Cornel West are also running for president and their campaigns may also hurt Biden in this same way.

Some Democrats also believe that Stein running in 2016 took away voters from Hillary Clinton, allowing Donald Trump to win the presidency.

Jill Stein’s campaign could very easily become dead on arrival. Or it could serve as a spoiler to Joe Biden and the Democrats.

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