A new proposal by the Biden admin causes national security threat

Biden Department of Homeland Security

Joe Biden has been a failure on just about everything. But now he’s risking the lives of Americans.

And a new proposal by the Biden administration causes a national security threat.

The illegal immigration crisis has been major issue ever since President Joe Biden took office.

His policy of basically having open borders has caused an influx in illegal aliens which are overrunning American cities.

Around six million immigrants have crossed the border since Biden entered the Oval Office in early 2021.

And almost three million of these illegal aliens have been put into American towns and communities thanks to the Department of Homeland Security.

But instead of fixing the problem by closing the southern border, the Biden administration is planning on putting a band-aid on the issue by using airports in the U.S. as camps for illegal immigrants.

Specifically, the Biden Department of Homeland Security is proposing to put up to 60,000 immigrants in four airports in New York and New Jersey.

And now, 70 Republican U.S. House members are demanding that Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg stop this destructive proposal.

“These airports and their communities rightfully fear being transformed into larger versions of Chicago O’Hare International Airport, which has reportedly converted portions of its terminal into a shelter for hundreds of migrants,” the Republican U.S. Reps. wrote.

“At a time when the Administration is proposing higher screening requirements on known airline crewmembers due to security risks, we are extremely concerned about the lack of regard for security risks posed by housing thousands of unknown persons at airports, many of which support passenger air service and host sensitive military facilities.”

Back in September, Chicago O’Hare International airport began housing over 400 illegal immigrants as a so-called solution to them infiltrating the sanctuary city of Chicago.

And Republican congressmembers are worried that this will soon spread to airports across the country, which, as mentioned in the congressmembers’ statement, would impose a massive security risk.

“Our nation’s airport infrastructure was built to facilitate commerce and transportation, not to serve as housing for unvetted and undocumented migrants. We request that you enforce public airport grant assurances and reject such plans,” the GOP congressmembers continued.

“We request that you enforce public airport grant assurances and reject such plans. As you are aware, our Nation’s southern border is an uncontrolled and unmitigated disaster. Untold members of illegal immigrants cross our borders unchallenged every single day.”

“Over six million illegal immigrants have entered the United States and been apprehended under President Biden’s failed leadership. Many are then released into the United States, some of whom will presumably never be seen again.”

Republicans are also pushing to have Pete Buttigieg, provided information on how many current airports in the United States are housing illegal immigrants.

The GOP also wants the Federal Aviation Administration to disclose any other airports that have been given permission to shelter illegal aliens.

“The Biden-Harris Administration’s abject failure to protect our border or support policies that will keep America secure is an unconscionable dereliction of the most fundamental duty the Federal Government has to the citizens of this country,” the Republicans added.

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