A prominent Catholic leader just called Donald Trump this one outlandish name

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Trump has enemies everywhere who will say anything to try and destroy him. But no one expected the former president to be called this.

And a prominent Catholic leader just called Donald Trump this one outlandish name.

Former President Donald Trump is steadily gaining momentum for his 2024 reelection campaign.

He continues to soar in the polls in both the Republican primary and in polls that show a hypothetical rematch between him and President Joe Biden in the 2024 general election.

And as Trump continues to do well with his campaign, he’s begun to receive more attacks from his enemies who can’t stand the fact that he very well could win a second term.

Jesuit Father Thomas Reese is one of those who opposes Trump and what he stands for.

That even led to Reese referring to the former president as the “antichrist” in an article he wrote for Religion News Service (RNS).

“If we compare the Gospel message with that of Trump and other authoritarian leaders, we can only conclude that he and they are antichrists,” wrote Reese.

The title of his article was “In a world where Christ is king, authoritarian leaders can only be antichrists.”

“Today, as between the two world wars, authoritarian leaders around the world are promising justice by any means necessary,” Father Reese continued.

“They portray themselves as the heroes of their narratives where they alone can save the nation. They will destroy our enemies and protect us from outsiders. They will not be slowed down by democratic niceties or laws.”

“Each promises that if we put him in power, if we make him king, he will save us. We will have success and prosperity,” Reese said implying that leaders around the world like Trump are like the antichrist.

Reese hasn’t been shy in the past with how he stands politically.

Back in 2020, he encouraged Catholic voters to support Joe Biden and be a part of the group “Catholics for Biden.”

And even though Biden is a full supporter of abortion, Reese still believed that it was important for Catholics to vote for him because of his other stances on key issues like immigration, race issues, and COVID.

“A Catholic Democrat might feel impelled to vote for Biden despite his position on abortion and gay marriage because of other morally grave reasons, for example, his positions on racism, immigration, global warming, and COVID-19,” Reese said.

He also argued that a lot of Democrat Catholics don’t agree with the Catholic Church’s pro-life stance and “agree with Biden that abortion should be legal.”

Reese will make the same type of arguments this election cycle as he desperately tries to convince Catholic voters to back Joe Biden in next year’s presidential election, despite Biden’s complete opposition to key Catholic beliefs.

And that will include convincing them that Trump is not only the wrong choice for president, but is also the antichrist.

The Federalist Wire.