A Republican presidential candidate calls it quits in a stunning move

Perry Johnson

The 2024 race is not for the weary. This candidate couldn’t handle the heat.

And a Republican presidential candidate calls it quits in a stunning move.

The Republican field for president is starting to thin itself out.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez (R) was the first to drop out of the race back in late August.

Now Michigan businessman and author, Perry Johnson has decided to also suspend his campaign.

Johnson, considered a long-shot candidate, never reached 1% in national polling.

He attempted to sell $1 shirts in order to achieve the required 40,000 individual donors the Republican National Committee (RNC) demands a candidate must have in order to get on the debate stage.

Unfortunately for Johnson, he never made the debate stage and blamed the RNC for corruption and for his campaign failing.

“I must admit, the corruption among leaders at the RNC during this process was appalling,” Perry Johnson said in a released statement signaling the suspension of his campaign.

“Not only was the debate process set up to keep outsiders off the stage and without a voice, but when we did meet their arbitrary metrics, corrupt leaders used their authoritarian power to kick me off the stage at 11 p.m. the Monday before the debate, despite our team working with Fox News all weekend on logistics.”

Johnson had filed a Federal Electoral Commission complaint against RNC for the corruption he alleged was occurring against him during his time as a candidate. And he definitely didn’t hide his feelings about the RNC on social media.

“With no opportunity to share my vision on the debate stage, I have decided at this time, suspending my campaign is the right thing to do.”

Even though his time has come to an end in the 2024 presidential race, Johnson is not totally out of politics, and may even run for another form of political office.

Just a few weeks ago, he told Fox News in an interview that he’s being encouraged to run for Senate in Michigan.

“I am 100% committed to helping Republicans win across the country in 2024 and plan to be actively involved in making sure we do just that, especially in my home state of Michigan,” Johnson continued in his campaign suspension statement.

This could arguably be the Michigan businessman’s hint that he’s going to try his hand at running for the state’s senate seat.

With Perry Johnson officially dropping out of the presidential race, it’ll be fascinating to see if he starts a domino effect that results in more candidates also bowing out.

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