Adam Schiff went on MSNBC and exposed himself as a complete moron

adam schiff

Democrat Representative Adam Schiff is a disgrace in the eyes of many. He embodies everything wrong with D.C. politics.

But Adam Schiff went on MSNBC and made an utter fool of himself in this incredible way.

The Democrat Party seemingly will never get over their Trump Derangement Syndrome that has been plaguing them for almost a decade now.

Democrats all up and down the Party hierarchy are obsessed with talking about Donald Trump and how much of an “evil orange man” he is.

A prime example of a bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome lies with House of Reps. Democrat Adam Schiff (D-CA) who seemingly only ever wants to talk about the former President.

Schiff appeared on MSNBC recently with host Jen Psaki — who was once the White House press secretary for Joe Biden — and made some wild claims about Donald Trump that show how much of a numbskull he truly is.

Jen Psaki brought up a Washington Post article that explained that Trump has spent around $40 million in legal fees so far this year.

She called the numbers “eye-popping” and then asked Adam Schiff’s reaction to the news of Trump’s spending on his legal defense.

Schiff responded saying that he believes Donald Trump is trying to run for President so that he can “keep out of jail.”

“It is eye-popping, but it also shows, I think, by one powerful metric how much Donald Trump’s running for presidency is part of his strategy to keep out of jail,” Schiff claimed.

Schiff then said he’s just trying to make it to the White House so that Trump can pardon himself and “make all these legal problems go away.”

“This is all about the hope that he becomes the next office holder and he can make all these legal problems go away as the next president,” the Democrat from California continued.

“He’s willing to spend whatever campaign contributions come his way to represent anyone that is deemed loyal to him.”

Let’s set the record straight for Adam Schiff and any other radical Democrat who seems to agree with him.

Donald Trump is being forced to defend himself legally because of the outrageous charges that are being brought by the Democrats!

What do you expect him to do? Just lay over and take it?

Why would he not defend himself in court if he believes he is innocent? And why would his millions of supporters continue to support him with campaign donations if they didn’t believe he is innocent?

Simply put, there’s no one else as high-profile as Donald Trump who commands as much respect from their constituent base.

Schiff and the other Democrats want to act like their Party has had no part in the charges being brought against Donald Trump, but that’s just a load of bologna.

Anyone who doesn’t have marbles for eyeballs can see that.

So spare us the virtue-signaling and the high horse antics, would you Adam Schiff?

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