All hell broke loose after Joe Biden was stabbed in the back by the last person he expected

Joe Biden has a hard enough time remembering where he is, let alone defending from insider attacks. Now his own party is starting to flip on him.

And all hell broke loose after Joe Biden was stabbed in the back by the last person he expected.

Joe Biden’s administration is nothing short of an abject failure and will be remembered as such in the history books.

Thanks to his incompetence, the world is closer to nuclear war with Russia over shipments of American weapons to Ukraine.

Inflation continues to slowly gnaw away at Americans’ wages even with sky-high rates imposed by the Fed.

But worst of all, Biden has, for all intents and purposes, completely erased the border of this great country.

He has let millions pour over from Mexico, bringing gang violence, drugs, disease, and lawlessness to American cities.

Instead of declaring the situation and national emergency and a national security risk, Biden and his allies have lied through their teeth by telling the American people the border is closed.

Even Democrats who live in border states don’t believe him because they can see the reality on the ground in real-time.

And now they’re turning on their once leader.

Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Texas, warned on Sunday that the Biden administration’s plan to address the migrant issue at the border will not solve the problem.

The Texas Democrat made the comments on CBS’ “Face the Nation” as Title 42, the public health order allowing for expedited removal of migrants due to the COVID-19 outbreak, is slated to expire on December 21.

“[The Biden administration] has been talking about this plan for the last two years,” Cuellar stated. “They’ve been blaming the Republicans, they’ve been blaming Congress. When will it take effect?”

Cuellar stated that Biden’s border approach focuses on processing, transporting migrants from the border to the interior, and providing food and shelter, with minimal emphasis on security.

“With all due respect, I’ve looked at that plan … it hasn’t worked,” Cuellar said.

Border cities such as El Paso, Texas, are dealing with a daily migrant surge that the Biden administration anticipates would increase if Title 42 is abolished. Tijuana, Mexico’s largest border city, has an estimated 5,000 individuals in more than 30 shelters, according to Enrique Lucero, city head of migrant relations.

The Biden administration has requested $3.4 billion from Congress to prepare for the influx of migrants.

Rep. Tony Gonzales, R-Texas, also appeared on the show and stated that while the money is “absolutely” required, simply throwing money at the problem will not solve it.

“You can have an unlimited number of soft-sited facilities, the problem is in enforcing the laws that are already on the books,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales added that in regard to immigration reform, he would love to have a talk with the Biden administration.

“Work visas make sense to me,” the Republican stated. “Pathways to citizenship, amnesty that is dead on arrival. What people have tried before has no chance of working.”

Gonzales stated that despite showing interest in engaging with the congressman, Biden has yet to organize a meeting.

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