All hell broke loose after Mitch McConnell made this shocking announcement

mitch mcconnell

Whether it’s supporting gun control or being blasted as a RINO, Mitch McConnell has been a thorn in the side of Republicans for quite some time. He’s letting everyone know where he stands.

And now, all hell broke loose after Mitch McConnell made this shocking announcement.

In a recent interview from Politico, McConnell was asked about his future and whether or not he would leave his position as Senate Minority Leader, to which he responded “Not anytime soon.”

The 81-year-old’s comments come as a shock, since it was just a few weeks ago when he was escorted away from a press conference after he was unable to speak after stopping mid-sentence.

And according to the Washington Examiner, this isn’t the only health scare that the Senator from Kentucky has had this year. He also had a fall in March that left him with a concussion and a fractured rib.

Age isn’t just a number when your job involves running the country. And many Americans are starting to realize this after witnessing McConnell’s physical mishaps, and President Joe Biden’s never-ending gaffes.

At a recent speech at the Kentucky Fancy Farm picnic – McConnell’s first public appearance since his meltdown at the press conference – the Senator was met with heavy boos and loud chants of “retire!” from the crowd.

It’s clear to see that Senator McConnell’s age is something the American people can’t ignore.

But despite his refusal to retire, it seems as though he’s given himself an exit strategy.

“At McConnell’s request, the GOP-led Kentucky legislature passed a bill in 2021 that would require a governor to fill an empty U.S. Senate seat with a member of the same party as the departed senator” according to the Washington Examiner.

Again, Senator McConnell plans to finish out his term, but if he were to step down, his seat would be filled by a Republican, one who the party hopes wouldn’t carry the same RINO tendencies that McConnell brings to the table.

“There’s not going to be a vacancy. That would be total speculation.” said Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear (D), when asked whether or not McConnell would step down from his Senate seat.

But according to the Washington Examiner, there’s rumor that Governor Beshear is still preparing for a potential early retirement from McConnell.

“Talks that Beshear would challenge the Republican-supported law if McConnell left his seat empty have circulated since his health episode.”

This could very well leave Republicans in a bad spot moving forward.

Either, Mitch McConnell serves out the rest of his term while continuing to battle health crises that affect his decision-making, or he steps down, potentially leaving his seat open for a Democrat to take.

But for now, both parties have to take his stubborn words as truth and assume he will finish out his term.

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