An Obama official just gave Joe Biden the worst news of his Presidency

John Sopko

Joe Biden’s biggest mistake is back to haunt him. It could mean the end of the road for him.

Because an Obama official just gave Joe Biden the worst news of his Presidency.

The Afghanistan pullout disaster was one of the first major mistakes of Joe Biden’s career that led to his approval ratings going underwater.

Millions of Americans watched in horror in July and August of 2021 as Americans were left behind in Afghanistan with no security.

Billions of taxpayer dollars in military equipment were left for the Taliban to use however they please.

The Taliban even shared photos and videos online of them using American military equipment to mock Joe Biden and the United States.

Simply put, it was one of the worst foreign policy disasters that Americans had seen in the past few decades.

Ever since that failure, Joe Biden has not been able to get his Presidency back on track and it remains a sore point for him whenever it’s brought up. Needless to say, he wants to move past it already.

But more awful news about the Biden administration’s Afghanistan failure has come to light that makes Joe Biden look even worse.

Since the Afghanistan pullout failure, the Biden administration has committed to providing Afghanistan with more than $8 billion for support in stabilizing the area.

But if you’re skeptical about how that money wouldn’t fall into the wrong hands without any American presence in the area, your skepticism would be well founded.

During a House Oversight Committee hearing, a federal official who worked for the Biden admin said that the federal government has no assurance that the taxpayer dollars making its way to Afghanistan are not falling into the hands of the Taliban.

John Sopko, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, spoke with Congress about this issue saying that he “cannot assure” the American taxpayer that they aren’t funding the Taliban right now.

“Unfortunately, as I sit here today, I cannot assure this committee or the American taxpayer we are not currently funding the Taliban,” Sopko said.

He went on to say that other federal agencies are not cooperating with him to investigate and track the American taxpayer dollars being sent over to Afghanistan that is designed to help the Afghani people.

“Due to the refusal of State and USAID to fully cooperate with SIGAR, I cannot report to this committee or the American people on the extent to which our government may be funding the Taliban and other nefarious groups with U.S. taxpayer dollars,” he said in prepared testimony for Congress.

Sopko said that Biden’s Department of State in particular is “refusing to give basic information” that they need for oversight purposes.

“We simply do not know since the Department of State, USAID, the U.N., and other agencies are refusing to give us basic information that we or any other oversight body would need to ensure safe stewardship of tax dollars.”

It certainly sounds like dysfunction on the part of the Biden administration, yet again. This nightmare of the Afghanistan pullout failure will never end for Joe Biden.

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