Barack Obama official makes a jaw-dropping confession about Joe Biden

Richard Stengel

Joe Biden’s made a critical mistake. It may cost him everything.

And now a Barack Obama official has made a jaw-dropping confession about Joe Biden.

Over the past few weeks, the Biden administration has been working on cutting a deal with the terrorist state of Iran to secure the freedom of five Americans and bring them home after being held hostage in the Middle Eastern country.

The deal included a $6 billion sanction relief for Iran, and while many are of course happy that the Americans will be returning home, there’s a ton of concern about the precedent that the Biden administration is setting.

The Biden administration has effectively told the world that America is in the business of negotiating with terrorists and that there’s a price of more than $1 billion for every hostage we get back.

Even Leftist news networks like CNN know that the Biden administration isn’t coming out of this deal unscathed politically as they published a piece titled “Biden takes a political hit but brings Americans home.”

However, a former Barack Obama administration official said the quiet part out loud that really puts into perspective just how bad the Democrats’ foreign policy is. Especially on issues like getting hostages home.

The Under Secretary of State during the Obama tenure, Richard Stengel, implied on MSNBC this week that “there is no price” too high for America to pay to get American hostages back to safety at home.

He added that the Biden administration will “go to the ends of the earth” to get the unfairly held hostages home.

“This administration, the Biden administration, like the Obama administration, like traditional administrations, places a huge premium on getting Americans who are unfairly and illegally held back home. And so what is the price for getting an American back home?” Stengel began to ask.

He answered his own question, saying “There is no price for it. The Biden administration is willing to go to the ends of the earth to get these men home.”

Everyone agrees that America should do everything in its power to secure the safety of Americans who are being held hostage by enemies anywhere in the world. That’s all fine and dandy, but the Democrats are missing the point.

By making this deal so out in the open and being so willing to bend over backward by offering up billions of dollars to a known terrorist state, that simply signals that the American strength is not what it used to be.

America’s enemies should be forced to think twice before they hold American hostages. And when at the negotiating table, it shouldn’t be the United States making concessions.

Stengel defended the Biden administration saying that this is simply “tradition” and doubled down on the idea that the United States would have paid whatever the Iranians wanted.

“But I would say there is no price that’s too high to pay for the release of Americans. Again, it’s something that traditionally American administrations do to get Americans back home,” Stengel added.

Donald Trump took to his Truth Social account to put the Biden administration on blast for agreeing to the deal with Iran that will almost certainly allow billions of dollars to be spent on terrorist activity.

“This absolutely ridiculous 6 Billion Dollar Hostage Deal with Iran has set a terrible PRECEDENT for the future. Buckel up, you are going to see some terrible things start to happen. The 3 years ago highly respected USA has become a laughingstock all over the WORLD. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. VOTE TRUMP!!!” Trump wrote on Truth Social.

Trump even went on to say that Joe Biden is “dumb as a rock” for being willing to negotiate with terrorists. He also noted that his administration simply didn’t make these concessions to get hostages back when he was President.

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