Biden informant steps forward to tell-all to Congress

Hunter Biden

The Biden family has been able to keep their crimes hushed up. But one man refuses to stay silent.

And a Biden informant steps forward to tell-all to Congress.

Joe Biden is already dealing with an uphill battle as he tries to win a second term.

His party wishes they had anybody else, including a cast majority of Democrat voters.

Meanwhile, Republicans are fielding a powerful field of candidates including Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis.

The last thing Biden needs is for someone to air out his dirty laundry for voters to see.

A prominent Biden family business associate is in talks with House investigators regarding international agreements involving then-Vice President Joseph R. Biden.

Devon Archer, a friend and former business partner of Mr. Biden’s son Hunter Biden, is in talks with the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, according to a Republican source. There is no definite date.

The committee is requesting documents from Archer over his dealings with Russian businesswoman Elena Baturina, who delivered a $3.5 million payment to a company associated to Archer and Hunter Biden.

Archer was just convicted of defrauding the Wakpamni tribe of South Dakota out of millions of dollars. He lost an appeal to have the conviction overturned in June, which means he might begin serving a term of one year and one day in prison.

Congressional investigators want to speak with Archer first about his business connections to the Bidens.

Archer has “significant information” about business agreements that allowed Biden family members to pocket millions of dollars, according to Rep. James Comer, Kentucky Republican and head of the oversight committee. Archer could also be a key link to President Biden’s involvement in the plot.

“There is no doubt that Devon Archer should be a treasure trove of information,” said Sen. Ron Johnson, Wisconsin Republican. Mr. Johnson and Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley have been looking into Archer and several other acquaintances who worked with Hunter Biden on international business transactions dating back to President Biden’s time as vice president.

Ms. Baturina’s $3.5 million wire transfer to Rosemont Seneca Thornton, a company related to Archer and Hunter Biden, is one of the transactions involving Archer.

According to the Kazakhstani Initiative on Asset Recovery, an anti-corruption group, Ms. Baturina, the widow of former Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, routed tens of millions of dollars into firms linked to Hunter Biden and Archer for real estate transactions in the United States.

According to House investigators, the rationale for Ms. Baturina’s $3.5 million wire payment to Rosemont Seneca Thornton is unknown, but it was billed as a “consultancy fee.”

Archer was subpoenaed by the commission for all information pertaining to his dealings with Ms. Baturina and Rosemont Seneca Thornton.

According to House and Senate investigators, Archer is one of the most important witnesses in the House oversight investigation because he was intimately involved in lucrative Biden family business ventures involving Ukraine, Russia, and China.

Archer might also establish a clear link between the overseas corporate dealings and President Biden, who has denied any involvement or knowledge of the transactions.

Archer met with Mr. Biden in the White House in April 2014, just days before the vice president was dispatched to Ukraine to offer the United States assistance with energy production and other economic aid.

Archer was appointed to the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy business, shortly after Mr. Biden’s visit to Ukraine. Only a few weeks later, Hunter Biden was named to the Burisma board.

The two were paid huge salaries in what an FBI informant described as a scheme for the vice president to use his power to fire a Ukrainian prosecutor investigating suspected corruption at the energy company.

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