Biden just made a terrifying assertion about the Supreme Court that has justices in a state of fear

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The president does not have a favorable view of the SCOTUS. He’s repeatedly undermined their authority and has even threatened them.

And now Biden just made a terrifying assertion about the Supreme Court that has justices in a state of fear.

As most people know, anytime a United States Supreme Court justice retires or passes away, the sitting president has the authority to appoint their replacement.

Former President Donald Trump was able to appoint three Supreme Court justices during his time in the Oval Office. Those three justices were monumental in reversing Roe v. Wade through the Dobbs decision in June of 2022.

But now, President Joe Biden has predicted that if he wins a second term to the White House, he’ll have the chance to appoint two justices to the high court.

“Guess what? the next president, they’re going to be able to appoint a couple of justices,” Biden said during a campaign rally in Philadelphia last Wednesday.

“If, in fact, we’re able to change some of the justices when they retire and put in really progressive judges like we’ve always had, tell me that won’t change your life.”

The only way Biden’s prediction comes true is if two justices either step down or pass away.

The oldest justice, Clarence Thomas, is about six years younger than President Biden who is 81 years old.

The second oldest justice is Samuel Alito who’s 74.

Both of those justices are conservatives and would likely not retire during a potential second Biden term.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who some Leftists are encouraging to step down now in case Donald Trump wins the presidential election this year, is the next oldest at 69 years old.

During his campaign rally in Philadelphia, Biden touted his appointment of liberal Justice Ketanji Brown-Jackson to the Supreme Court, saying, “Because you voted, I was able to keep my commitment to appoint the first black woman on the United States Supreme Court.”

“A promise made and a promise kept. And I appointed more black women to the federal circuit courts than every other president in American history combined.”

Biden then went into fear-mongering mode and warned the audience at the rally that the justices that Trump appointed would strip away the rights of Americans.

“Trump justices are already gutting voting rights, overturning Roe, decimating affirmative action, and so much more,” the president said.

“Are we going to let that happen? We can’t.”

Of course, the Supreme Court has not stripped away any rights that Joe Biden claims they have.

But that isn’t stopping him from spewing his typical fear-mongering nonsense.

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