Joe Biden’s reelection chances are in serious trouble after what this state just announced

Joe Biden

The president’s campaign is reeling. They’re doing their best to keep their heads above water.

And Joe Biden’s reelection chances are in serious trouble after what this state just announced.

New York has traditionally been a heavily blue state.

But former President Donald Trump thinks that may change this year when voters cast their ballots in the 2024 presidential election.

According to a survey from Siena College, President Joe Biden is only ahead of Trump by 12% in New York.

The current president has a total of 48% compared to Trump’s 36% according to the poll.

6% answered that they would not cast a vote, while another 6% said they didn’t know who they’d vote for or didn’t want to answer at all. 4% said they’d vote for another candidate.

With independents considered in the survey, Joe Biden’s lead shrinks to just 10 percentage points.

The poll was taken by 806 registered voters from New York between February 12-14 of this year.

And even though New York is a strong blue state, Donald Trump feels like he has a shot to flip it red this year.

In December he spoke with Breitbart News, telling them that he wants to increase the number of battleground states by campaigning hard in New York, Virginia, New Jersey, Minnesota, and New Mexico.

“One of the other things I’m going to do – and I may be foolish in doing it – is I’m going to make a heavy play for New York, heavy play for New Jersey, heavy play for Virginia, heavy play for New Mexico, and a heavy play for a state that hasn’t been won in years, Minnesota,” the former president said.

“I’m going to work them. That doesn’t mean I’m going to work them as hard as I work Pennsylvania, where I’m doing very well.”

“But we’re going to do these other states too, and it will be a heavy move.”

Trump even suggested that he might rent out the famous Madison Square Garden in New York City to hold a rally in.

“That’s the belly of the beast, right?” Trump asked.

If Donald Trump is able to somehow win the state of New York in the general election, then he could very well be on his way to a shellacking of Joe Biden.

Biden still has a decent lead in the Empire State, but that lead certainly isn’t as strong as it should be.

And that’s why Trump thinks he has a chance to take the state right from under President Biden’s feet.

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