Biden’s brain just broke on camera and all hell is breaking loose

joe biden

Joe Biden’s mental decline is apparent to anyone with eyes. Now it’s completely undeniable.

And Biden’s brain just broke on camera and all hell is breaking loose.

Biden’s failing in nearly every poll done across the country.

And now he isn’t able to hide his inability to lead.

President Joe Biden tried to explain why he should not stand down and let a new generation of Democrats to lead his party as questions about his fitness for office as the oldest president in American history arose.

According to CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, some individuals are “impressed” by Biden’s leadership and believe “he’s been a great president.”

“You’ve brought the economy back,” Zakaria claimed.

“You’ve restored relations with the world. But many of these people do say and these are hardened supporters of yours, ‘the next thing he should do is step aside and let another generation of Democrats take the baton.’”

“Why are they wrong?” he asked.

“Well, let me just — they’re not right or wrong,” Biden said.

Biden then went on to talk about the rest of the world, making no mention of anything domestic.

“It is — look, to use the phrase again, I think we’re at an inflection point,” he said.

“I think the world is changing and I think I — there is one thing that comes with age, if you’re being honest about it your whole life and that is some wisdom. I think we’re on the cusp of being able to make significant positive changes in the world. Really honest to God do.”

“You’ve seen what we’ve done in Europe. Europe is more united than it has ever been since World War II — end of World War II,” he said.

“You’ve seen what we’ve been able to do in the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea. We’ve united that part of the world including the 50 — basically 50 island nations that are participating, who will be here by the way shortly.”

Biden asserted that he was “putting the world together in a way that is going to make things significantly — how can I say it — more secure for people.”

“We’re uniting democracies — have a possibility of uniting democracies in a way that hadn’t happened ever,” he claimed.

“And, so, I think that whether it is the far east, whether it is NATO, whether it is Europe, whether it is what is going on in Africa, I think we have enormous opportunities. And I think I just want to finish the job. And I think we can do that in the next six years.”

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