Biden’s fear of Texas takes shape with this new shocking lawsuit

Joe Biden

Joe Biden is a failure and a disgrace to this great nation. And he has weaponized the government to get his way.

But now, his fear of Texas has taken shape with this new shocking lawsuit.

The battle for the southern border heats up as the Biden administration, in a desperate attempt to cling to open-border ideology, threatens to sue Texas over its recently passed border security laws.

These bold measures, signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott, crack down on illegal immigration and send a clear message:

Texas will not tolerate Washington’s dereliction of duty.

At the heart of the new legislation lies a simple, common-sense principle:

Illegal entry into Texas will be deemed a state crime.

This grants local law enforcement the authority to arrest offenders and judges the power to order their deportation.

For too long, Texas communities have borne the brunt of the border crisis, witnessing rampant crime, human trafficking, and national security threats fueled by unchecked illegal immigration.

This decisive action seeks to reclaim control and protect Texans from the consequences of federal negligence.

However, the Department of Justice, blinded by an unwavering commitment to open borders, has chosen the path of obstruction.

In a letter dripping with bureaucratic jargon and legal threats, the DOJ claims Texas’ laws “intrude” on federal authority.

This is nothing but a hollow argument, a desperate attempt to shield the Biden administration’s own failures.

The Constitution may indeed grant Washington control over border policy, but that does not absolve them of their responsibility to secure the border effectively.

When the federal government abdicates its duty, leaving states like Texas to face the consequences, states have every right to take action to protect their citizens.

Governor Abbott, a fearless champion of border security, rightly slams the DOJ’s threats as nothing more than “political games.”

He has repeatedly called out President Biden’s “deliberate inaction,” highlighting the devastating impact of unchecked illegal immigration on Texas communities.

The new laws are not merely a symbolic gesture; they are a vital lifeline thrown to Texans struggling under the weight of the border crisis.

The White House, predictably, resorts to tired talking points, accusing Republicans of “demonizing” and “dehumanizing” immigrants.

This blatant manipulation misses the mark entirely. These laws are not about targeting individuals; they are about upholding the rule of law and protecting national security.

The true dehumanization occurs when the Biden administration subjects families and communities to the chaos and dangers of an unsecured border.

Texas’ bold stand against the Biden administration’s open-border policies is not just about securing one state – it’s about upholding the principles of federalism and protecting the American people.

Whether or not the DOJ follows through on its empty threats, one thing is clear: Texas will not back down.

The Lone Star State has chosen to fight for its citizens, and it will not be cowed by bureaucratic bullies or partisan accusations.

This is a battle for the very soul of the border, and Texas is leading the charge, proving that when it comes to protecting its citizens, even a state can stand tall against the might of the federal government.

Texas should be an example for all true patriots in this country: we must fight back against the Radical Left.

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