Biden’s made a boneheaded move that has his entire staff shaking their heads

joe biden

Joe Biden can barely keep a sentence together. When it comes to leading the country, he’s even worse.

And now Biden’s made a boneheaded move that has his entire staff shaking their heads.

Joe Biden’s disgraceful policies have harmed everyone who comes into contact with him, but there is no stopping the Radical Left and their harmful agenda.

Even as anti-Semitism is on the rise all across the world, Joe Biden has come up with a “genius” solution: launch a “national strategy on Islamaphobia.”

In his newest disgraceful and horrific move, Joe Biden has appointed Kamala Harris in charge of his new “national strategy on Islamophobia.”

Anti-Semitic protests have been increasing all across the nation and the Jewish community has become more and more fearful for their safety.

But instead of helping or supporting the Jewish community, Joe Biden has instead decided that “Islamaphobia” is the real issue in this country.

Since the start of the war in the Middle East, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has declared that there has been an over 400% increase in anti-semitic incidents in the country.

However, Harris is claiming that “As a result of the Hamas terrorist attack in Israel, and the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, we have seen an uptick in anti-Palestinian, anti-Arab, antisemitic, and Islamophobic incidents across America.”

The Biden administration has decided to lump all of these types of incidents together according to Harris:

In the video, Harris mentioned an attack on a Muslim woman and her son in Illinois, but she declined to comment on the massive wave of anti-Semitism that is increasing across the nation and especially on liberal college campuses.

Harris claimed that there were a disproportionate amount of crimes against Muslims even though the statistics show that the number of attacks on Jews far outweighs those on Muslims.

Sadly though, this is what can be expected from the Biden administration as they seem to care more about appeasing the Muslim community than protecting the lives of their citizens.

Democrats have been encouraging anti-Semitic sentiment for years now, and in 2019, Rep. Ilhan Omar made a number of extremely anti-Semitic statements and the Democrat-controlled House refused to condemn her.

The White House Press Secretary has also been pushing anti-Semitic rhetoric and refusing to condemn the actions of students across the nation who are attacking the Jewish community.

It is a depressing reality that no matter what happens, the Radical Left will always take the side of extremists and terrorists instead of defending American citizens.

It is even more frightening that these comments are now coming directly from the White House, and people are questioning the leadership of those in power in America.

America needs strong leaders who will protect the people, but instead, we have weak leaders who are doing everything they can to destroy the US.

It is time to take action against the corrupt policies of Joe Biden and the Radical Left, and we must fight back against their harmful agenda.

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