Border Patrol smacks President Biden with a scathing rebuke for his latest failure at the border

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The southern border is experiencing a crisis of epic proportions. Illegal immigration is out of control and Biden doesn’t seem to care.

And Border Patrol smacked President Biden with a scathing rebuke for his latest failure at the border.

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden and his administration revealed an executive order that allegedly limits illegal aliens from crossing the southern border.

The order was made in the wake of encounters of illegal immigrants hitting 2,500 every day for seven straight days.

When speaking to the New York Post, Border Patrol agents were quick to criticize Biden’s executive order, claiming that it’s “way too little too late.”

“That’s like trying to plug the leak on the Titanic with chewing gum. It’s way too little too late. He’s trying to act tough on the border but we know he’s been the most open border administration ever,” one of the agents remarked.

And even though Biden’s executive order claims that it will be a “crackdown” on illegal immigration, over a million migrants will still be permitted into the country.

During President Biden’s time in office, so far, 1.7 million illegal aliens have been able to evade Border Patrol agents and illegally enter the country. These migrants are known as “gotaways.”

Over 7.6 million illegal immigrants have been encountered by Border Patrol in total during the Biden presidency.

“What a joke. Like that’s going to stop them. He can enact whatever he wants. Until we deport everyone that crosses or imprison them, it won’t stop,” another agent said in reference to the president’s executive order.

“It’s way too little, too late. Nothing more than virtue signaling,” another explained.

“That’s comical. Millions are in [the US] now and it’s just now that they realize the number of crossings a day is a problem. The damage is done and now the administration wants to slowly close the valve on the flood gates,” a fourth Border Patrol agent frustratingly said.

But per usual, Joe Biden hasn’t and won’t take any responsibility about the mass influx of illegal aliens entering the country through the southern border.

In January he said that Congress had to their part in stopping the crisis before he could do anything.

“Just give me the power. I’ve asked from the very day I got into office. Give me the Border Patrol, give me the people, the judges – give me the people who can stop this and make it work right,” Biden said earlier this year.

A fifth Border Patrol agent told the New York Post that he isn’t buying Biden’s excuses, saying that, “According to him he couldn’t do an executive order for that only Congress? So has he been lying to us? Such a cover your a** waste of time.”

Clay Thomas, a retired agent, explained to the outlet that Joe Biden’s executive order will be easy for cartels to get around.

This is due to the fact that the order allows for migrants to gain entry into the country if they feel as though they’re in danger by returning to their home country, are a victim of tr*fficking, have a medical emergency of some sort, or are a minor that’s on their own. Someone from the cartel could easily lie and claim that they belong to one of those categories.

“You just gave them the answer. They already know how to do this and they basically are rewriting their business plan based on what the Biden administration outlined,” Thomas said regarding cartels.

Unsurprisingly, President Joe Biden’s executive order to limit illegal immigration at the southern border is simply window dressing.

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