Chuck Schumer’s head started spinning when he found out about this Senator calling it quits

Democrats let out a big sigh of relief when they lucked out in holding onto the U.S. Senate during the midterms. But they shouldn’t count their eggs before they hatch.

Because Chuck Schumer’s head started spinning when he heard about this Democrat Senator calling it quits.

The U.S. Senate is proving to be the tightest chamber to win in any legislature in America.

Even Joe Biden’s downright awful approval ratings and Republicans actually winning the popular vote during the midterms wasn’t enough for Republicans to take back total control of Congress.

Some districts are just getting tighter and tighter as every year passes, and there’s no end in sight.

But what this does mean is that districts that were once deep blue Democrat strongholds are suddenly up for grabs.

This much was demonstrated as Republicans made surprising gains in both New York and California that helped them clinch control of the U.S. House of Representatives.

So when Democrats announce that they are retiring or taking a break from D.C. politics, the vacant seat is sure to catch a ton of attention.

And Democrats are already sweating bullets over Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein retiring in 2024.

She has yet to announce that she is retiring in 2024, but insiders are noting that Democrats are already planning to find her replacement for the 2024 cycle.

Furthermore, they are preparing for an awfully close race no matter what.

According to Politico, a few names are already preparing for a run at Dianne Feinstein’s seat:

Reps. Ro Khanna and Katie Porter are fielding entreaties to jump into the race, and Rep. Adam Schiff has publicly declared he is exploring a run. Rep. Barbara Lee is spending the holidays mulling her next move. Three hopefuls have contacted former Sen. Barbara Boxer to seek her advice, marking the incipient stages of a fierce fight between California Democrats for a seat that has not been open for a generation.

Politico also notes that former Senator Barbara Boxer says it will be a “massive” campaign and “extremely expensive.”

“They’re starting to call me to get ready for what is a massive campaign – truly, massively expensive and hard-fought,” Boxer told Politico. “It will be a very crowded field.”

House Democrat on the Jan. 6 Committee – Adam Schiff – has also indicated that he would like to shoot his shot at the vacant seat likely to be left by Feinstein in 2024.

Schiff fired the first salvo last month by openly admitting his long-known interest in the seat, telling a Los Angeles television station that, after his House leadership bid fizzled, he would “consider running for the Senate if Senator Feinstein decides not to run for reelection.” Schiff also met with Feinstein to inform her of his intentions, according to two people familiar with the exchange.

Given that this is expecting to be an extremely expensive race, it seems that a major name is needed for Democrats to keep a hold on the Senate seat from California.

Fundraising will play a major role in that race, as Politico notes.

The problem for Democrats is that their big names that could raise the funds necessary for the race are also the names that don’t have very good favorability on average with Americans.

Adam Schiff has come across as one of the most untrustworthy individuals in all of Washington, D.C. in his war against Donald Trump and conservatives who dare contradict the propaganda of the radical Left.

This will be a major opportunity for Republicans to offer a quality candidate to potentially flip a critical seat in the U.S. Senate. Doing so could give the Republicans a 51-50 majority if they manage to win the Georgia U.S. Senate seat this month.

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