Clarence Thomas can’t believe this plan to throw him in jail that was just uncovered

Clarence Thomas

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is under serious attack. His future is in limbo.

And Clarence Thomas can’t believe the plan to throw him in prison that was just uncovered.

The Sandler Foundation, a politically progressive institution, has donated millions to groups condemning conservative Supreme Court justices in the past, and it is this foundation that has funded the development of the ProPublica media outlet.

Among the recipients of the foundation’s generosity are the Campaign Legal Center ($7.5 million since 2015) and the American Constitution Society ($6 million since 2010), as reported by Daily Caller on Tuesday.

After ProPublica’s reporting that Justice Clarence Thomas went on lavish vacations with GOP megadonor Harlan Crow, the CLC and ACS both urged for criminal referral of Thomas to the Department of Justice.

After Thomas’s violation of the Ethics in Government Act came to light in April, CLC Vice President Kedric Payne issued a press release saying that “inaction from the Judicial Conference could serve to normalize” such behavior.

In the same issue of the journal, American Chemical Society President Russ Feingold claimed that Congress “has a duty to check the Supreme Court” by instituting ethics regulations and “rigorously investigating violations of federal law and flagrant ethics lapses.”

American Chemical Society President Russ Feingold has claimed that Congress “has a duty to check the Supreme Court” by instituting ethics regulations and “rigorously investigating violations of federal law and flagrant ethics lapses.”

Also, the Foundation to Promote Open Society, which is associated with George Soros, reportedly gave millions to ProPublica and CLC and $4.5 million to Demand Justice during a three-year period beginning in 2021.

Capital Research Center investigator Parker Thayer stated, “It is no coincidence that several organizations smearing Justice Thomas are funded generously by many of the same donors.”

He went on to say that the affluent special interests on the Left have long preferred the “pop-up” public pressure campaign, in which a small number of funders fund a large number of “grassroots” activist groups to create the illusion of widespread public support for a specific topic.

After ProPublica reported that Justice Samuel Alito also had holidays with a Republican billionaire, recipients of funding from The Sandler Foundation demanded probes into the matter.

Justice Samuel Alito has denied the claims being made by ProPublica in their hit piece targeting him that got published this month.

He noted that ProPublica is trying to make it appear as if he is somehow violating some ethics by not recusing himself in a case that ProPublica would want him to be recused in>

But the truth, as he reveals, is that the billionaire GOP donor that ProPublica tries to associate with Alito hasn’t even been connected to cases that they want Alito to be recused from.

The sad reality about these attacks on Justices Alito and Thomas is that they are being funded by radical, so-called “progressive” elites who are trying to bypass the rule of law in America to get their way.

And there’s untold millions of dollars behind these attacks coming in from international globalists like George Soros.

It’s important for Americans to be aware of these schemes so they aren’t caught up in the propaganda of the radical Left.

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