CNN smacks Joe Biden with the worst election news he could possibly hear

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Biden’s reelection campaign is reeling. He’s struggling to gain any sort of traction in the polls right now.

As CNN smacks Joe Biden with the worst election news he could possibly hear right now.

Voters are greatly anticipating the first presidential debate on June 27.

CNN will be hosting the debate between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden, and the network has also recently come out with rules for the debate.

The Leftist media outlet announced that there won’t be an audience on hand to watch the two candidates duke it out on stage.

Microphones will also be muted except for when the participants are speaking during their allotted time frame to give remarks.

But one rule that CNN announced is particularly devastating to President Biden and his campaign.

The network has said that no notes will be allowed on the debate stage, as well as props.

Each candidate will have paper and a pen to write notes during the debate, but no pre-written notes are permitted.

Joe Biden is notorious for getting through press conferences and meetings by using notes or a cheat sheet of some sort.

Usually on his cheat sheet is a list of reporters he’s supposed to call on. The sheet will sometimes have the reporter’s question and the president’s scripted answer on it.

Biden has also used note cards to help assist him through private fundraisers with Democrat donors, according to Axios.

That’s led to donors becoming nervous at the prospect of the 81-year-old president needing that much assistance to get through a private event.

And back in April, Biden was seen on camera holding a cheat sheet during a meeting he had with Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’a Al-Sudani in the Oval Office.

So Joe Biden’s lack of having notes could be detrimental for his debate performance.

A new poll from JL Partners shows that 70% of voters believe Biden will fumble his words during the debates this year.

Not being able to string along sentences together has been a bad habit for the president in recent years.

But without the ability to use notes, that habit could very well be magnified in a major way on June 27.

The Biden reelection campaign has to be shaking in fear at the prospect of that.

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