CNN turns heads after making an earth shattering confession about Donald Trump

donald trump

The mainstream media outlet loves to constantly bash the former president. But now they may be changing their tune.

Because CNN turned heads after making an earth-shattering confession about Donald Trump.

Now that Super Tuesday has taken place, it has become pretty evident that the general election in November will likely be between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

With the two political rivals set to face off yet again, CNN decided to make a confession about their thoughts on the matchup.

Hosts Harry Enten and Kate Bolduan admitted that Donald Trump is the candidate most voters want to return to the White House.

Enten specifically noted how several swing states like Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona are places that Trump could very well win over Biden this year. Biden was able to win those states back in the 2020 election.

“So folks, if you have it in your mind that Donald Trump is just popular enough to win the Republican nomination, lose that thought,” Enten said.

“Because at this particular point, when matched up against Joe Biden, Donald Trump is a favorite which is something we couldn’t say at any point in 2020 and really wasn’t something that we could say at any point in 2016 when he was matched up against Hillary Clinton.”

Enten and Bolduan also brought up that Trump is “flipping states at this particular point,” which is key to him winning the election this fall.

During the Republican primary voting contests so far, the former president has performed very well.

On Super Tuesday, Trump won 14 out of 15 of the states that voted that day.

In comparison, President Biden has struggled some in his primary.

He’s facing an “uncommitted” campaign from Democrat voters who are protesting against him for his support of Israel in it’s war with Hamas.

The state of Minnesota saw 46,000 voters (19%) vote “uncommitted” instead of for Biden.

Alabama had 11,00 voters (6%) vote “uncommitted.”

And Colorado had 43,000 voters (8%) ditch Biden and vote as “uncommitted.”

To say that it’s surprising that CNN is finally admitting that Donald Trump is a more favorable candidate than Joe Biden, is an understatement.

But soon enough they’ll probably go back to their usual unhinged bashing of the former president.

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