Congressional Democrats on the verge of collapse after what the GOP just announced

Richard Hudson (R-NC)

The Left is looking for momentum heading into the 2024 elections. But any hope of that has been completely squashed.

And Congressional Democrats are on the verge of collapse after what the GOP just announced.

On Thursday, House Republicans got some of the best news possible regarding the 2024 elections.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) announced that it had raised a “record-shattering $12.6 million” in the month of May.

That broke the record of $11.9 million that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) raised in the same month.

“Growing the majority is a team effort, and we smashed this fundraising record with the help of everyday Americans and our incredible leadership team,” NRCC Chairman Richard Hudson (R-NC) said about the fundraising record.

“Families don’t feel physically or financially secure with extreme Democrats running the country; they’re opening up their wallets to ensure there is no chance Democrats continue to wreak havoc on their daily lives next year.”

On May 30, former President Donald Trump was smacked with a guilty verdict in his hush money trial in New York.

As a result, Trump’s campaign, as well as the NRCC, received a ton of donations which helped the House GOP break the record.

Punchbowl News reported that the NRCC was able to raise $300,000 the day the guilty verdict was handed down.

In comments made to the Washington Reporter earlier this month, Hudson explained that the NRCC obtained “well over $1 million” in fundraising online in the following days after Trump’s conviction.

Almost one-third of those who contributed to the NRCC were labeled as first-time donors.

But even though House Republicans were able to secure a massive fundraising win in May, they still have some catching up to do.

The DCCC announced on Tuesday that it has $78.8 million in cash on hand.

That’s $13.9 million more than the NRCC’s $64.9 million.

Republicans are going to have to continue using the fundraising momentum from Trump’s guilty verdict to help them catch up to the Democrats.

If they want to bring in a red wave this November, it’s increasingly important that they push ahead of the Left through their fundraising efforts.

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